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  • norrishappy norrishappy Feb 27, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    For the Americans having trouble getting through the Ethanol Fog on a gas board

    The primary reason our industry is blocked from blending more natural gas into our gasoline is this criminal corn based Ethanol crony capitalist/political complex.

    Natural gas was forced out of our gasoline blending by this corn ethanol corruption.

    Why more Americans are not upset that the OLB is always trying to undermine your investment here every day I wish I knew.

    Have you all just given up? Honesty does not matter any more? So we will all just become French?

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    • hey sand here is your buddy with the same old tiring post time after time after time after time. As you said the redundency you were blaming rlp for should be directed at norris. Roc norris needs new material roc give him a cracker sand. And teach him somehing new to say.

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      • Ah here is RLP'D Brazilian ethanol is just great Opinions.

        Hey American managed to get rid of the $6 billion in direct give away to ethanol.

        Now we are getting some political traction to kill the 15% E85 corruption from Obama's EPA.

        Sadly it is good that competition with Brazil will keep the corn crush spread negative. It has popped up but is still negative and the higher it goes the better it looks for the Brazilians and American consumers.

        Bad enough we are paying $1+ gge more than we should for 10% of the gasoline we buy.

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