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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Feb 28, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

    WSJ: Natrual Gas Boom Will Continue For Decades

    U.S. natural-gas production will accelerate over the next three decades, new research indicates, providing the strongest evidence yet that the energy boom remaking America will last for a generation.

    The most exhaustive study to date of a key natural-gas field in Texas, (Barnett) combined with related research under way elsewhere, shows that U.S. shale-rock formations will provide a growing source of moderately priced natural gas through 2040, and decline only slowly after that. A report on the Texas field, to be released Thursday, was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

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    • The problem is that the depletion rates with both shale oil and shale NG run between 50-60% in the first year. So you have to replace a given well in three years in order to get back to your initial level of production. Adding to that is that a lot of these shale oil wells give a lot of condensate-over about 50% of wells in the Eagle Ford formation. With a glut in condensates, NG at $3.30 a MCF is not too profitable even with the NGLs. It looks like the Banksters pushed NG production to the hilt so as to cause prices to crash and forcing liguidations and mergers where they make the money.
      How much of Line's Oil and NG and NGLs comes from unconventional sources. Many thanks.

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      • If only that were true. But given the supply of natural gas it is not declining at a 50% rate per what should now be considered very questionable assumptions. Certainly given the number of dry or even inclusive of natural gas wet rigs there should have been an observed decline in ng supply now.

        Condensates prices are about where they were in 2011. It is ethane and propane; common in wet gas, which are down. Ethane many be in rejection for several years.

        What is unconventional no days is not a standard definition. Are the vertical wells in GW conventional? How should we define long multi-stage multi-pad fracturing operations? Drilling efficiency gains on the order of 30% do not seem to be slowing. At least not in America as the Canadians are clearly falling behind out standards.

        Sadly American industry is adjusting to Obama's defacto deranged energy policy by figuring out how to export not just finished products but blending stocks from light shale oil.

        If environmentalists were rational and objective they would push to eliminate the corn ethanol corruption; which is not renewable as it creates no net energy yet causes horrible land use and water pollution, in favor of high quality standard gasoline. As modern cars already adjust oxygen.fuel this would result in a gain in mpg around 10%.

        The steady demand gasoline generates would create stability of demand for our oil and refining industries. Of course the dislocation due to localization is caused by now completely irrational environmentalist demands for boutique blends of gasoline which is 20 years out of date. But as part of the Progressive collective flat earth middle ages values is what we should expect.

        Unfortunately our industry is opening up a great deal of propane export capacity rather than using it here at home in the sad Obama economic normal. Poor ethanol could be wasted for years to come due to Obama stealth energy policies of Progressive corruption.

      • It is too bad the so-called know-it-all-about-everything-Linn here won't answer your question. Maybe it's because they don't actually know-everything-there-is-to-know-about-Linn, they just pretend to.

      • Excellent question. Let's see if SOB or NorrisFraud can answer it.

    • Since you seem to be too busy to hear directly (CLR conference call...NOW ongoing) ...about what is going on with the biggest oil producers in ND from the CLR call.....this may help at least a little:
      Bakken Producers Continental Resources And Whiting Petroleum Beat Q4 Expectations
      Feb 28 2013,

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