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  • norrishappy norrishappy Mar 1, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    U.S. Year-to-Date Supply, Disposition, and Ending Stocks of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products, January-December 2012

    Good table to search up so RLP'D Opinions will not run on about diesel exports. Just run on about something else.

    Conventional Gasoline Finished motor gasoline not included in the oxygenated or reformulated gasoline categories. Excludes reformulated gasoline blendstock for oxygenate blending (RBOB) as well as other blendstock.

    RBOB Americans are forced to buy in regional boutique blends have at least 4% less energy per gallon.

    Americans should also note there is no longer any reason for RBOB gasoline let alone regional blends because all cars with computer controlled injection make the necessary adjustments.

    So our refineries are taking discounted American oil, producing a superior product with more energy because ethanol is not required or desired and providing it to the world at a better price.

    For no reason except corrupt Obama special interests with the cover of environmentalists supporting a dishonest EPA which is no longer actually seeking to reduce pollution but via deception make domestic American energy artificially expensive.

    Gee you would like there is a journalist out there who would pick this up and run with it. Of course Bloomberg or nyZt will not.

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    • norris, I think you upset the OLB-brigade since they are back to name calling again..

      If you have not heard the CLR & WLL conference calls then you will find both very interesting.

      And that search function at the top of the thread brings up some funny older posts....remember?

      "For days now you have been claiming that Mr. Rockov is wrong and you must be right with all kinds of twisted analysis as to what he might have calculated......

      And that you kept saying Linn Energy did not return near even posted your incorrect calculation (would you need the link posted to refresh your memory?)

      ....AND, then one of your lapdogs posts this:

      "4.) Total return since inception: 219%"

      Did he not take direction to support your incorrect claims, or was it just that rapid-fire cut and paste that he now hopes no one will notice?

      That 202% Linn returned mentioned earlier looks like it has now increased to 219% return since inception?

      The return was mentioned by Mr. Rockov during the Linn Energy conference call as Linn Energy returning almost DOUBLE of the Alerian index.

      I can post the link again if you would like to hear exactly what he said."

      after insisting and insisting and the similar name calling etc.. they then a post proving just the opposite of what they first claimed.....and, it would have been pretty easy to just listen to what Mr. Rockov actually said at Enercom in 2011....[AND, then one of your lapdogs posts this: "4.) Total return since inception: 219%"]

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