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  • norrishappy norrishappy Mar 2, 2013 7:15 PM Flag

    Pearl GTL

    Qatar, Shell bring new GTL jet fuel to market
    01.11.2013 |

    GTL jet fuel blended with synthetic paraffinic kerosene (SPK) at the Pearl GTL plant in Qatar is now flowing into airplane tanks at Doha International Airport.


    Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Airways and Royal Dutch Shell have teamed up to unveil a new aviation jet fuel. Gas-to-liquids (GTL) jet fuel blended with synthetic paraffinic kerosene (SPK) at the Pearl GTL plant in Qatar is now flowing into airplane tanks at Doha International Airport.

    The companies claim this is the first new aviation fuel to be approved globally in two decades.

    Representatives from the Qatari government and executives from Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Airways and Shell attended the inaugural fueling of a Qatar Airways aircraft with GTL jet fuel at the airport. A Qatar Airways Airbus A340-600 plane (Flight QR001) made history by being the first to fly outbound from Doha International Airport, en route to London Heathrow, using GTL jet fuel.

    This is running now. It is actually large enough to move the needle at Shell.


    Because Shell's contract provided them with the input gas for free, the project was calculated to be viable once the price of oil exceeded $40.[10]

    You know RLP'D Opinions there is a reason the rest of the world, China, Japan, Middle East and even Europe are ending the ethanol insanity. There is a reason China, Japan, Middle East and even poor old Europe are going methanol.

    Again the technology exists not only to create methanol completely ready to displace ethanol corruption but the current economic favor conversion into exceptionally clean gasoline. Not to mention strapping a co2 recycler onto a stream of nearly pure natural gas co2 exists today.

    Can you explain to me why Obama/Progressives demand solar panels, wind mills and not short of raping the American public corn ethanol rather than the methanol technology which really can solve Global Warming if you believe in such things?

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    • YOu know RLP'D Opinions it is dutiful Americans responsibility to consider what would now be different in our economy had Obama just cleared the way for these types of investments in American. If he had handed out rich research grants to stimulate a race for commercial application of co2 recycling technology? Leap frogging technology already extant from other countries?

      Instead what we have is $100 billion of tax payer money handed over to his cronies with at least another $100 billion buried in consumers utility bills. We also have completely insane demands from his EPA to increase the government mandated ethanol usage even though it is complete insanity.

      What is small fraction of that amount was used to build hub infrastructure in cities to use natural gas directly?

      It is not need to make car pollute less. It does not create net energy. It at best is neutral in total co2. It does create a huge amount more water pollution as farmers go for his Vegas corn prices.

      The nasty Progressive corruption pile blocks natural gas as surface fuel and even the co2 reducing alternative of methanol.

      So can any one given me a logical reason why American does not end this ethanol insanity ASAP?

      How about why any investor in a natural gas company would support corn ethanol?

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