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  • norrishappy norrishappy Mar 5, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

    The Foolishness of Peak Oil Delusion

    The key Progressive flat earth assumption in the original Peak Oil delusion was not accounting for technological innovation.

    The Shale Oil and Gas were known to exist. It simply was not technologically recoverable. The Germans coveted natural gas in WWII. So even this foolish model had to account for it.

    The only reason this foolishness became well know was not its accuracy. Indeed development of Shale Oil in an economically viable proved the most glaring fault long ago understood to be a fatal flaw.

    Now on a company board which moved to oil because management saw how the technology would revolutionize the oil and gas industry we have this nonsense posted and the demand completely delusional claims be treated as honest opinion.

    Nothing rational or honest in this behavior routine. The scientific method is not 'fancy stuff' after the Christian Reformation. .

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    • You might want to research what peak oil means before 'debunking' it.
      Global oil (as opposed to total liquids) production grew pretty much steadily from the start of the oil age through to 2005. In 2005, the growth in production stopped and global oil production has been on a plateau around 75mb/d ever since (despite high prices and despite all that technical innovation).
      So, up to today, all that innovation and the incentive of high prices hasn't stopped global production being flat for the last 8 years.
      If global oil production (not total liquids) resumes a significant uptrend then we have not yet reached peak oil. If it stays on the plateau or starts declining, then we reached peak oil around 2005.
      Unless you have a time machine and determined what global oil production will be in future years, then you are foolish to make assertions that cannot yet be known.

      P.S. Note that Russia is saying that their production has reached a post Soviet peak and they expect it to decline from here on.

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      • Wow you are entertaining today!

        Look Russia is simply corrupt and inept. Always has been and I am afraid they always will be. Plus it serves Putan's purpose and the pagan collectivist interest to foretell a shortage of oil.

        Truth is Russia and the rest of middle Asian has not even touched a fraction of conventional resources. Let alone what could be done with American technology.

        Every one else in the world understands world oil production has not peaked just on Texas and Bakken alone. Not including California or the huge find in our gulf.
        Silly,foolish although in your case it could be intentional or simply delusion which drives you.

        Peak oil was flat earth because it made no consideration of technology. So now we know it was well nothing but Progressive flat earth propaganda.

    • Good Morning Sand,

      Good points. But as we see the OLB is in full rerun rather than thinking or more accurately out of old propaganda and can not find new sources.

    • norris, no fancy logic?
      no mumbo jumbo either?

      When you go and read some of the interesting articles and points over there you might spot some "selective omissions" over this one below when the USGS changed (downward) the estimate for the Marcellus shale by 80%:

      "David Hughes Aug 25, 2011
      "This week the USGS released a new assessment of gas resources in the Marcellus Shale, Appalachian Basin. The report is a reasonable effort by the USGS to sort out some of the wheat from the chaff. The 84 Tcf technically ..."

      that seems to be missing over here....not even mentioned, just kinda ignored, maybe no one will notice it, ....or, maybe it is just some more "fancy stuff" again?

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