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  • norrishappy norrishappy Mar 6, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

    Natural Gas Weekly Update

    A weekly must to peak at. Super cold storms were enough to pull storage below the five year maximum level. But it is still a great deal of gas in storage.

    Interest piece in the WSJ on natural gas locomotives. $3.98 diesel verses $0.50 of natural gas at industrial prices. The rail executive is correct that transition from diesel to at least a major input of natural gas would be trans formative. Earning power would be great enhanced for rails. Long haul trucking is far more complex due primarily to government Obama passive aggressive behavior.

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    • norris, isn't it good that Linn sold the Marcellus years ago....

      "The New York State Assembly passed legislation on Wednesday that extends the moratorium on high-volume hydraulic fracturing in the state until May 2015 and requires further studies on the environmental impact of the practice known as fracking.

      A moratorium on fracking has been in place in the Empire State since 2008 because of concerns that the practice, which involves pumping chemical-laced water and sand deep below the surface to extract natural gas from shale, can contaminate water supplies.

      The current legislation applies to the Utica and Marcellus shale gas deposits, some of the most significant in the country. It requires a full review process, including a new study to look at the potential public health impact of fracking."

    • What does Obama have to do with railroads changing over to nat gas? He isn't holding them up. They do this all on their own.

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      • Did you forget the threat hanging over fracturing technology? Did you forget the number of ng drilling rigs is not enough to maintain the supply demand balance in the near term? That the low ng prices are primarily the result of blocking capital investment with intellectual corrupt regulation threats to please irrational environmentalists?

        Remember Obama's continue strategy of political power is to inflame the base emotions of the mob. Mob with delusional and uniformed components. He will offer whatever political crony capitalist rents it takes to align a coalition of power or in other words purposefully unbalance the competition of faction our Constitution was designed to create. Only possible by a press which has intellectually decayed into shilling in support of an ancient and Utopian primitive philosophy. Never mind this Tower of Babel stuff has always collapsed into human hardship. The level of hardship determined by how long a fundamentally irrational system is imposed.

        So to answer your question $4 diesel verses $0.50 natural gas simply because Obama is following an irrational passive aggressive political agenda. Capital investment in our economy looks a great deal like FDR's long depression due to the uncertainty.

        But the real nightmare in the Obama farce is that it should work and Plosive takes back the house. Obama maybe intelligent but he is also delusional at the foundation of his beliefs.

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