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  • norrishappy norrishappy Mar 25, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    Million Dollar Way (All Bakken All The Time)

    Well worth searching up -

    TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2013
    Despite Recent Explosion in Oil Production, North Dakota Ranks Just Third in the Nation -- Yahoo!Finance; Another Reporter Who Has Just Emerged From Under The Geico Rock

    The graph on total American oil production, private land production and Federal or the peoples land production volumes speak for themselves.

    Obama is the most effective dissembler ever to hold our Presidency. But it is not because he is smart, clever or even educated. But rather the vast majority of our press does not believe in concepts of duty or honor to fairly inform OUR common sense. Rather than would abuse our trust; what little remains, to make their ignorant and simple minded perception ours.

    Like RLP'D wastes it's life attempting to do.

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    • norris, there are some interesting wells posted at that website you mentioned.
      This one is about a recent EOG oil well....
      "Look at the cumulative production: 213,000 bbls in less than 5 months. For newbies, one expects a Bakken well to produce 100,000 bbls in the first year, though many do not. I am not aware of any Bakken well to hit 200,000 bbls in less than a year (I assume there are some but don't know); this well hit 213,000 bbls in less than 5 months. Note that this well is not hooked up to a gas line (all gas is being flared) which suggests that the well might be choked back.
      Again, "anonymous" alerted me to these wells some time ago and suggested there is much more to the story than just simply good luck. Neither the geologist's drilling report nor the completion data is yet posted at the NDIC web site. Once that is posted, we will know more.
      Another bit of trivia: this spacing unit is still being determined. The operator is asking for a 3-section spacing unit (vertical, sections 25, 36, 1). Due to the way the well is sited, etc., according to the NDIC, the spacing unit will be 1,741 acres, less than 3-section spacing (1,920 acres). The horizontal runs parallel to the east line of the spacing unit, and is offset from the east line by 900 feet. At some point, one would expect an overlapping spacing unit to be approved to allow a horizontal to run down the length of the section line.
      And this below is on the top 3 wells...posted on 3/17/ where do you think he got his bakken info?....notice that he did not post any info on the source usual.
      Petroleum News Bakken calculated IP rates for these top three wells on a boe basis. That calculation moves Whiting’s Tarpon Federal 21-2H well from third to first place with an IP rate of approximately 7,008 boe per day. In second place is Whiting’s Tarpon Federal 21-4-3H well with an IP rate of 6,878 boe, followed by ConocoPhillips’ Brazos 24-34H well with an IP rate of 6,755 boe.

    • norris, we went through his misleading bakken claims about ND oil production all before.....he includes wells going back 50 or 60 years....AND if you want to compare it to Texas for example... ND is about 15 times the rate of the wells in Texas which for 2012 is at 8.68 (Avg. Per Well Production (in barrels /day (bbl/day)).

      So, if he wants you to believe that ND wells produce 130 Bbls/ is only about 15 times what texas wells are producing on average.

      ....BUT, that is all a bit misleading BECAUSE the wells drilled with 2 mile long horizontals and hydrolic fracture stimulation came in the last decade or so....and he is only telling part of the story (like he usually tries to do) by lumping the newer bakken wells many of which produce 2,000 to 7,000 boepd+ IP rates in with old wells, kinda tells a skewed view at what is going on in ND.

      If you want a realistic view, look at KOG or Whiting's presentations for 90, 180 & 360 day IP rates for all of their wells to get some more detailed info.

      OAS & CLR also has pretty good info.

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