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  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 9, 2013 9:08 AM Flag

    OLB gathering. Full Moon for midnight mass fluttering

    RLP'D Back with Barrons. Maybe some more Rune is not far behind?

    Bakken pumped dry?

    All the new found energy with full employment and higher incomes was all just an illusion so stop drilling now.

    Here we go.

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    • But, but, but....norris....I read somewhere that the author of the red queen article had worked for Statoil...AND, that there were no oil pipelines in the bakken...

      So, what a surprise .(below note 1st part)....

      "The other Bakken pipelines: Water for fracking
      Much pipeline development in the Bakken region of North Dakota and Montana is focused on transporting crude oil. But pipe is also being laid to carry a humble commodity essential to oil production in the region: water.
      Copious amounts of water are required to extract oil from the Bakken’s shale beds. The fracking process—injecting a mixture of water and chemicals into shale rock to release oil—consumes up to 8 million gallons of freshwater per well. And along with oil and natural gas, wells produce even larger amounts of subterranean saltwater over their operating life. “The first thing that’s produced out of a well is water; the last thing ever produced out of a well is water,” said Rodney Wren, president of New Frontier Midstream, a Texas-based developer of oil and gas infrastructure.

      Today most freshwater used for fracking is trucked to wellheads, and tanker trucks also haul away saltwater and used frac (“flow back”) water for disposal in deep wells. Trucking water raises costs for producers—fees in the Bakken range from 2 to 10 cents per gallon, depending on miles traveled—and contributes to wear and tear on rural roads.

      It’s cheaper to pipe water to and from the wellhead, especially in areas where wells are close together. Brigham Exploration, an oil company acquired by Statoil of Norway in 2011, was a leader in laying water pipelines in the Bakken, installing them simultaneously with crude oil and gas lines. Incoming pipe delivers freshwater for fracking from municipal or rural water systems; outgoing pipelines carry away wastewater for disposal.

      There are no public data on oil-industry water networks in the Bakken, but Statoil, New Frontier and other petroleum and energy transpor...

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      • Good Morning Sand,

        You do not mean to say that multi-pads with the ability to walk and utilizing direction drilling can locate all the well heads in an area serviced by pipe water and pipe take away?! That our American entrepreneurs; who have been successful beyond the wild musing of all except for a select few like Mr. Hamm, currently focused on efficiency and cost reduction will never figure out how to maximize infrastructure productivity.

        Why RLP'D has an opinion all the oil is gone in the Bakken. It can search the internet and find an opinion his emotions desire and offer it to the board in his flexible 'mind'. There are dissembling reasons Progressives demand all opinions be treated as honest and objective even when to do so is clearly absurd and therefore completely irrational.

        All RLP'D proves day in and day out is that it is completely cold hearted willing to starve the least amongst us human beings for a few dollars and so it is no surprise it has no concern for the complete lack of virtue in its avatars.

        It is the cleverest monkey utilizing the scientific method which to it means irrational, dishonest and dissembling are equal to honesty, objectivity and critical reasoning.

        Except for the evil willingness to starve helpless people for a few puny dollars it would be right to pity it. But as a Christian I can not turn the other cheek while it willfully and purposefully starves the least amongst us for delusional profit.

        But I believe with all my heart none are beyond redemption. So despite all the evil which makes the petty nastiness nearly irrelevant, I pray for it to desire to be more than a monkey person desperately trying to validate its existence by being clever.

    • Oh, so now Barron's is on your "target" list?

      Please tell us, Mr. Perfect, which publications are on your "approved" list?

    • Don't you worship barron's and their words of print?

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