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  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 9, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    The OLB and multiple avatars are raging. Simple question why is LNCO selling for more than LINE

    Yes it is market inefficiency but what could cause it and sustain it?

    Which value is more correct?

    Mathematically the analysts assign a slightly lower valuation to LNCO based on simple math.

    Rather than address an invitation to objective rational discussion RLP'D will post some more at the fringes nonsense without explanation of why it is significant and claim any who logically dismiss it as closed minded.

    Yep irrationality attempting to impose on other's exercise of the true purpose and therefore value of God's Gift of Free Speech.

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    • What makes your freedom of speech any different to anyone elses.

      • 1 Reply to opinionsarelike33
      • Now now RLP'D starve the weak people for personal profit on Obama's Progressive Corn ethanol corruption and call it Democracy Opinions -

        Freedom of speech requires honesty and rational objectivity.

        Freedom of Speech is so critical to maintaining a civilized culture that the self absorbed can used it for irrational freedom of expression.

        You have a right to Free Speech like every other American citizen. But in rejecting our Founders' title Americans Patriot you used the Gift for nothing more than self absorbed public ranting.

        You are at the childish level of freedom of expression which does not require rationality, personal integrity and so can not employ the scientific method.

        The Scientific method came from Reformations ideas of Freedom of Conscience. But as we see to day it is less than useless when primitive Progressive play with it. Just like Apes chucking rocks under hand. They can do it but to no real purpose.

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