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  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 18, 2013 9:57 AM Flag

    The Corn Monster is back

    Adding to the behavior which surely shames some of his family.

    Using the bombing head line. I wish it was unbelievable.

    I am sure your side kick the International socialist will 'support' you.

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    • House Bill 4013: Florida Renewable Fuel Standard Act Repeal
      Energy and Utilities Subcommittee Chairman Scott Plakon (R-Longwood) has shown great leadership by placing this bill on the agenda for December 8, 2011 at 8:00am EST.
      We need your help to contact the legislators who are members of the Energy and Utilities Subcommittee and ask them to support HB 4013!

      Please fill out the form to email committee members to support the Repeal of Ethanol Mandates.

      In 2008 the legislature passed the Florida Renewable Fuel Standard Act. It was a major priority of then-Governor Charlie Crist to require gasoline consumed in Florida to contain 10 percent ethanol. It has been rumored that Crist received millions of dollars by large corporate corn special industry groups.

      Ethanol Facts:

      Ethanol is not creating jobs in Florida. All ethanol consumed in Florida's is corn-based. All of it is imported from the mid-west. Florida's ethanol mandate is subsidizing corporate welfare for a distant corn industry.
      Ethanol harms engines
      o Ethanol is a solvent and absorbs water, which can cause water contamination and phase separation of gasoline.
      o Ethanol causes vapor lock or fuel starvation, more commonly in carbureted engines, hot weather and/or high altitudes (ethanol increases gasoline's vapor pressure)
      o Ethanol is especially damaging to small engines and marine engines.
      o Ethanol can cause a drop in octane
      o Ethanol decreases the life cycle of parts and engine
      o Ethanol decreases the shelf life of gasoline. (expires in 30-90 days)
      When exposed to excessive water, they expire even faster
      After only 100 days, alcohol fuels absorb enough moisture to phase separate.
      Ethanol is an inefficient energy loser. A Cornell study found that it takes 1.5 gallons of gasoline to produce 1 gallon of ethanol.
      Ethanol harms the environment.
      o A 2009 EPA report concludes that ethanol will increase carbon emissions in the short term and may need to be in effect for 100 years before long term reductions are realized.
      o It takes 1,700 gallons of water to produce just one gallon of ethanol
      Ethanol mandates are bad for the economy
      o Ethanol mandates raise the price of corn, hurting Florida's dairy and beef cattle ranchers.
      o Corn is a major US export. US corn exports have tripled in the last decade. Ethanol mandates lead to more domestic corn consumption and will widen the U.S. trade deficit.

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      • Ah, the Renewable Fuel Standard. What can I say about the Renewable Fuel Standard, which requires fuel producers to blend a certain amount of biofuels into their product? That its existence inflates an artificial market for a product consumers don’t really want to buy? That its corn-based components drive up food prices at home and in third-world countries? That on net evaluation it’s harmful to the environment and brings marginal lands into production (and that everyone’s been well aware of the fact for years)? That it enjoys an entrenched political position because of powerful ethanol/agribusiness lobbying? Yep, I can definitely say all of those things.

        The EPA has roundly refused to abandon the exercise in economic and environmental folly that is the RFS, and ergo some members of Congress are looking to take the matter into their own hands — on a bipartisan basis, no less.
        Requiring federal blending targets for next-generation biofuels to be “set at actual production levels” might sound obvious, except that the EPA recently tried to punish fuel companies for not complying with their cellulosic biofuels mandate — even though all of those cellulosic biofuels didn’t actually exist. A federal appeals court nixed the effort, but that didn’t prevent the EPA from expanding that particular mandate even further this year based on their fantastically optimistic “projections.” Stupid.

        Obviously, the ethanol lobby can’t allow for this, so here they come with their — er — “educational” campaign:

    • Board members... the monkey talker has a 'warped mind' and anybody that supports him on this message board or any other message board also has a warped mind...he thinks it is funny to post dirty, nasty and fifty messages that have nothing to do with investing (that are also harmful to children)...

      There was a time when norris used to post some decent message about investing (he is now getting worst)....he only had one friend left (a real investor) and now that person probably does not agree with the recent messages that have crossed the 'Red Line'...! I don't want any support from investors that support a person with a 'warped mind'...! $tagg...!

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      • A scurrilous political crony corn capitalist who would use the terrorist attack to launch a personal attack has moral authority?

        try to summon the OLB down from the tree for a mass chattering. It will be interesting to see what happens today with all the multiple avatar dementia.

        Well to remember Stag the Corn Monster Investment Bumble beast is taking $2,500 from every American family every year unless its government enforced ethanol mandate is ended or even it Obama's EPS followed the horrific RFS law.

        But its primitive behavior routine is so sad as to be entertainment on an American energy board. Which is blocked by its political corruption from competing with corn ethanol which has no benefit. We can lower price, create real good paying jobs and take back $2,500 in lost family disposable income.

      • yes even sand has backed off from talking to Norris. He hopefully has finally figured out that Norris is nothing more than a person that only wants to talk about himself and blame others.

    • Norris why do you continue your classless clown act out in public. The SFL board is a great read very good stock talk and recs. Peeps actually get along with each other. When you show up there with your classless act everyone puts you in your place and you leave. Why do you continue to ruin this board with your taker attitude and bosting persona? You aren't that great of a stock investor although you believe you are and others see right through your act. People say people can't change but most do. Unfortunately you will never change because you wish to be the board bad attitude. Which inspires others to have that same attitude towards you. William and stagg are class acts with excellent info for stock investing.

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