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  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 24, 2013 11:13 AM Flag

    OT Dividend Growth Idea GLW

    This is a very interesting situation and connected to our natural gas as glass manufacture is natural gas.

    Unfortunately it has run up a great deal but it is also far more volatile than a strong balance sheet, excellent technology portfolio, large equity investments should dampen.

    Just an idea I do own some but at a lower price.

    Another $2 billion buy back and 10%+ increase in the dividend.

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    • Oppenheimer downgraded Corning after its channel checks indicated a supply glut is building in both glass and display modules due to reduced demand for TVs.

      Price when NorrisFraud "recommended" it: $14.00. Price today: $14.00.

      What's going on with MSFT?

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      • Microsoft downgraded at Morgan Stanley
        As previously reported, Morgan Stanley downgraded Microsoft to Equal Weight from Overweight. The analyst said Microsoft's purchase of Nokia's Devices & Services unit is a long-term opportunity but also a risk. The firm believes investors may not give much credit near-term on execution ability given the addition of 32k employees.

      • Ah Progressive mythology again. Just checked it has been about a year and my basis is about $11 on glw. ;-)
        Dividend has been increased twice.

        Yea the American economy the world depends on for consumer demand seems to be slowing again. Higher gasoline, food and mortgage rates continuing Obama's first in our history long term decline in our living standards.

        Balmer seems to have screwed up again on his way out. But it is still way above the $26 when you had a massed OLB howling from the darkside of the moon uprising. Bet Mr. Varney said something about retiring again.

        NOw why did you not remember VOD?

        Why waste your life on petty attempts at revenge? Even if any one would believe you at this point both of us would still know. Although you do seem to be increasingly losing touch with reality. So maybe not.

    • GLW another no nothing stock. But with a few shares that you own it doesn't matter. The divie and stock are dead money as anyone can see. But hen again who cares right? You thrive on small returns that look good as a percentage gain. Too funny you are.

    • OT/ norris

      pretty funny how that new post that QUICKLY just popped up right on que..... which was already posted last year over at IVR when that too was being "bashed" was just reposted again....same reflect-response which has no relevance the usual quick-fire cut and paste jobs posted just to start some meaningless debate...(hydrogen from the air, helium form Hugoton, space solar farms,, peak oil, Utica as a $10 billion dollar play...while some operators cannot even sell at bargain sale prices now, that bakken sour i$47, then again at $60, then the bakken has decline rates that are high, then the red queen article, Bakken takeaway, you spot anything going on in that familiar list? ...... ...LOL......on & on & on.

      So, .....I guess that pumper-post is meant for those who do like LINE..

      ....but if you do spend the time to read it and do actually think about the posted info......some posters post facts that can be checked from places where the author does not have to retract the article because it was incorrect.

    • OT/ norris, it looks like there is a small basher-fan-club developing over at KOG that is filled with some funny posts and links.....when you feel like reading some funny but familiar stuff..

      "How to IDENTIFY a Basher and HOW THEY ARE PAID.
      A while back I read an excellent post that I cant find again, so I will try to work from memory and tell you how I understood it. When I read this, “suddenly the universe began to make sense”.... Especially THIS Microsoft message board. I hope this helps you as much as it clarified a few things for me.

      The way I understand it BASHERS get paid on he basis of how many people they can engage in a “debate.”

      When you REPLY to a basher you give them an opportunity to make their money.
      They get paid by the reply.

      There are certain tactics or tricks that they use. (I cant remember each bullet but I do remember the gist):
      A paid basher will win your confidence by using facts and data that make them seem knowledgeable about their subject.
      They earn your trust with credible posts, will sometimes agree with your message, but never diverge from their task: to depress the price of the stock.
      They search out the “board leaders” and engage them in debate; the rest usually follow.
      They earn trust on a board and will even engage themselves in a debate by using a series of aliases in order to give their position authenticity or fuel a particular rumor.
      They offer personal information about themselves to gain credibility. After all, they are “real people”; they are your friend, your neighbor, they ”care” about you and are only on here to help.
      These people get paid by the reply. Each time you respond to them they earn money. So if you respond to them you are paying them.

      Ask yourself: why would a person who doesn't own a stock put in the time and effort to bash it? Why would a person who supposedly has a job spend all day posting to bash your investment? I mean what on earth would they have to gain? If they have no job (but have the tim

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      • Hi Sand,

        I believe Stag is a paid ethanol pusher.
        RLp'd/Lisxa are most likely political posters as environmentalists no longer support ethanol corruption.
        Peak Oil Bakken dry tax structure is why MLPs out perform rather than the so much oil and gas we can not get it efficiently into our economy. The link maybe solar and wind mill interests

        Individuals brought in by their political passions rather than a focus on rational government policy get mad and then angry. But then drift away as they have some shame or self respect.

        If they are getting paid some one is being taken advantage off.

        I have been busy with many calls but will check out KOG board when I get a chance.

        Good fortune to you my friend.

      • Pumpers:

        Lesson 1: Remember, PUMPERS NEVER PUMP A GOOD STOCK.

        Lesson 2: PUMPERS BRING UP OLD NEWS THAT YOU HAVE HEARD MANY TIMES. All companies always have a few bits of good and bad news. The pumper will post the good news over and over again. The stupid pumper will try to make the old news a bit fresher to try to fool you.

        Lesson 3: PUMPERS POST MANY TIMES A DAY IF THE STOCK PRICE GOES UP, BUT MAY GO SILENT ON DAYS WHEN THE PRICE PULLS BACK. Pumpers can answer every question except those that involve facts that are contrary to their position. There is no negative comment they won't bash. They try to control the board. When all else fails pumpers resort to personal attacks against those who don’t support a stock.

        Lesson 4: PUMPERS WILL LIE TO YOUR FACE. Never trust a pumper. The truth on all companies is that mistakes are made and losses happen, and things go right and profits happen. The pumper will try to make you believe that the company they are pumping can only make minor errors... THIS IS NOT TRUE. THE PUMPERS LIE TO YOU. Companies with falling stock prices are frequently making more than minor errors, this is the nature of the beast.

        Lesson 5: The pumpers know YOU CAN'T VERIFY THEIR STATEMENTS. That's why they make the statements they do.

        Lesson 6: The pumpers PLAY ON YOUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. They can lie about information and you couldn't know the difference (unless you have done your assessment of the company and know the truth and facts).

        Lesson 7: Pumpers play on your patience.

        Lesson 8: HOLD THE PRICE UP. That is the pumper’s job. The truth is not important. Lies are the norm. Post continuously on the board every day. They are trying to hit the newbies visiting the board. They are trying to wear out the critical discussions on the board. They do whatever it takes to wear the shorts out.


    • Another dead money investment.

      Better stick with what (you think) you know, like oil & gas:

      Exxon Raises dividend by 10%.

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      • dadnorris1 Apr 24, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

        Now now RLp'd welcoming in the corn monster who does anything to profit from starving human beings snark.

        Your crack of doom golen dance was wonderful for MSFT and CXS and NSC too. Maximum chattering/posting at

        MSFT $31/$26 = 19% + dividend increasing 10%+
        CSX $24/$19 = 26% + dividend increase 7%
        NSC $75/$58 = 29% probably high single digit increase until economy truly starts growing.
        LINE to LNCO conversion + 15%
        LINE $39/$34 = 15%

        Actually informed investors have done remarkably well with LINE/LNCO.

        BUt not a single member of the OLB understood how to profit from LINE/LNOC inefficient discount. Not one and to this day none understand why it was so and pretend it never happened at all!

        All remain cheap.

        CVX is a much better run company with a better dividend and a better growth rate.

        If an investor want a high yield with a call on natural gas adoption which is going faster in the Middle East and Asia than here - Obama Corn Ethanol Corruption bars our way - RDS-A is a fine choice. Most Americans will get a full credit for the 15% withholding tax. RDS not only has the worlds largest and most efficient natural gas to liquid fuel plant in operation but also successful co2 recycling into methanol for export to Asia.

        Exxon is cheap enough to be very interesting. Not a bad choice but actually understanding investments is far better than snark babble about the subject. But as you will not do your crack of doom dance on that one maybe not.

        Ah but I thank you for the golem dance on GWL. It too remains cheap despite a 40% run. Although my position is already set and not being added to. Watch the dividend. ;-)

        You have a very peculiar personal reality. Snark voting really does change the reality.

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