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  • staggman99 staggman99 May 3, 2013 11:52 AM Flag


    Board members...ADM (the largest U.S. ethanol producer) is now running their ethanol production at full capacity due to 'improved price margins" and "a increase demand' for the product...the biggest factor is cheaper corn prices (over $1.00 a bu. less) and ethanol is now prices at $2.71 a corn is now $7.08 a bu., note that the GMO price is about 20 cents bu. cheaper (for ethanol production) and the 'Gulf Price' is the highest price in the nation because it is the export price and includes shipping and handling to New Orleans...! $tagg...!

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    • Corn Monster the Investment Bumble Beast is always bottom feeding

      Ethanol at $2.71 / .6 = $4.51 to a equivalent gallon of gasoline we are exporting at $2.84

      So Americans are forced to buy Corn Monsters political corruption at $1.67 more per gallon.

      Ethanol Plant Faces Wrecking Ball
      Struggling Fuel-Making Facilities Are in Danger of Falling to Liquidators Before Market Recovers


      When the New Energy Corp. ethanol plant in South Bend, Ind., was idled by its bankruptcy filing last November, people nearby hoped a buyer would restart operations, and not just for its 90 jobs. The plant had sucked six million gallons of water a day from the surrounding swamplands (WETLANDS), and without its pumps, water pooled in nearby basements.

      But the winning $2.5 million bid at the bankruptcy auction came from buyers who plan to sell the plant for scrap.

      The South Bend facility was the country's first major ethanol plant when it opened in 1984, and now it could be the first to get dismantled after filing for bankruptcy. Several other small towns in the Midwest could face a similar scenario as the ethanol industry begins to emerge from one of the toughest markets in its three-decade history.

      The U.S. needs roughly 13 billion gallons of ethanol each year because most gasoline sold in the country is blended with 10% ethanol under a government mandate. But demand for gasoline has been weaker since 2008 as people chose to drive less in the recession and prolonged economic recovery, leading to an oversupply of the fuel. Last year's Midwest drought, meanwhile, drove up the price of corn that plants need to brew ethanol.

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      • Board members...back in November 0f 2012 corn prices were near a all time high, things have changed since then...more, 'calling other investors dirty names' and posting messages that are 'unfit for children to read' does not make ethanol go away...! $tagg...!

      • Corn-based ethanol RINs rose 4.1 percent to 76.5 cents, the highest since April 10, and a fifth day of gains, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

        Advanced RINs, which cover biodiesel and Brazilian sugarcanes ethanol, increased 3.8 percent to 81 cents, the costliest since April 22.

        Government Mandates
        RINs are certificates attached to each gallon of biofuel and used by the government to track compliance with government mandates for blending with petroleum. Refiners can maintain the RIN or trade it.

        The U.S. didn’t make any foreign purchases of the biofuel last week after importing 39,000 barrels a day the previous week, EIA data show.

        Anhydrous ethanol in Sao Paulo cost $2.58 a gallon as of April 26, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

        The U.S. exporting 36,000 barrels of ethanol a day in February, EIA data show, down 27 percent from January and the lowest since November.

        So paying Stag the Corn monster an extra $1.60 a gallon is not enough. Nope. Obama has to try and push beyond 10% 'blending' which will destroy our cars in addition to all our small motors.

        So we have to add a political imaginary RIN cost of $0.76 to the $1.60+ for a stunning political corruption of $2.40 a gallon!

        Brazilian sugar ethanol is of course Progressive politics advanced as well. So it gets 1.5 political 'market based RIns' So $0.81 * 1.5 = $1.22

        So Brazilian ethanol has a Progressive RIN advantage of $0.45 a gallon. .

    • Stagg,
      I still would rather see NG used instead of ethanol. JMO

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