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  • joetong419 joetong419 May 7, 2013 3:49 PM Flag

    alternatives to LINE

    Please provde company names for steady income (exclude mREIT).
    Comments welcome for KMP and EPD.
    LINE has too many wild swings that only day traders appears to know when to buy/sell

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    • what fluctuations are you talking about by the way, the stock has bounced between $41 and $35 for the past 2 years - what stock to you propose to buy that doesn't bounce around 10-15% over a 2 year period - and why would you buy at the bottom of that trading range. Now if you tell me you totally believe the Barrons report and want to sell ok but if you are selling due to fluctuations, I'm afraid you sell a lot of stocks in troughs and buy at peaks

    • Are you a dividend investor? Why would "fluctuations" make you sell this stock if you are a dividend investor. Hold the stock, reinvest your dividends (instead of taking profits) for nine years, ignore the fluctuations and you'll double your money even if there is no capital appreciation.

    • Check out XTEX, ERF, EPD, MCC and lastly AAPL. Some are a bit frothy and would be nice additions on a pullback otherwise average in over several months time.

    • Too many good buying opportunities?

      I like EPD, it doesn't have the master partners siphoning off profits like KMP.

      TAXI is a financial with great assets, good yield and growth. It's down today -snag some.

      MPW is a health care REIT that has been on a tear.

    • understand your concerns, but yur actually looking for alternatives exactly when you should be doing the opposite (carefull bottom picking). These MLPS need to be bought when they are in the bottom of their range.

    • I have been doing some research on UAN aka CVR Partners.

    • many of the MLPs have wild swing but I just add more on the drops
      BWP TCP AND EEP all have yields over 7%

    • EPD is my largest single holding so of course I love it. Simple capital structure and doing fantastic focusing on organic growth. Done exceptional even though offshore service will have to be re-purposed to oil. The yield is low because the coverage ratio is so high. I take this as a positive as this is the first rate team so they would not be retaining so much DCF if the shares were not under-priced based on their internal models.

      KMR is another great company Mr. Kinder being an exceptional manager. However, it has a complex capital structure and Incentive Distribution Rights to KMI. The wild card here is completed deals and perhaps future deals which are dropped down. Both still have PPI adjustments in their tools rather than the bogus CPI measures.

      Both teams have done an excellent job of avoiding commodity price exposure by focusing on fee business structures. Both have SP Credit ratings of BBB or better and can borrow long term at the current manipulated rates. Besides all the additional pipe America needs there is also processing and export in early innings.

      Unfortunately neither are as cheap as they used to be. But both have risk profiles similar to regulated utilities but with higher distributions and much better growth.

      ARCC is an interesting very conservatively run BDC. They are not chasing this market as credit risk spreads compress to unreasonable levels again. I dislike the rather large premium to NAV but it is probably deserved in this low interest rate market.

      NRP is very interesting as a coal producer. But with an increasingly diversified base of other commodities. Strong enough to almost offset the weak domestic coal markets. Strong balance sheet plenty of cash.

      ARLP is indeed a very fine company with an excellent culture. It is also at a very large premium to other coals at this moment. It also has GP interest.

      Unfortunately the insurance companies have already run. But I tend to agree with Crammer that the pricing cycle is just

    • may want to take a look at ARLP (Yield about 6%) ARLP has had Total Returns of 952% since 2003 and that is 25% annualized...YTD ARLP has Total Returns of 17% YTD...ARLP has good color, strong drivers and a outstanding forward outlook (they will soon open two more mines for export to China)....

      SDRL (yield about 8.7%) is a fine play for a 'short or long term holdings' as the forward outlook is outstanding...SDRL is a great stock for 'growth and income'...SDRL is up 96.9% over the last three years and 4% YTD in Total Returns...

      Another stock that is 'on the fast track' is HQL (yield about 6.2%), HQL is now up 25% YTD and it also has a outstanding forward out look...! Good luck on your selections...! $tagg...!

    • I have been in PAA for quite a while and I continue to add to my postion, probably too much. They announced their numbers last n ight and they were great. dyd.

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