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  • cantgthrtondirt cantgthrtondirt May 8, 2013 6:33 PM Flag

    Jonathan Jacobson at Ira Sohn Says Beware AT&T, 'All Dividends Not Created Equal,' Also Says Beware Linn Energy

    hot off the esteemed (or is it 'steamed 'as in compost?) Josh Lipton's Benzinga wire

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    • I hope people don't pay to go to this conference and listen to somebody regurgitate Barron's. These shorts have a vested interest in trying to sabotage the Berry deal which crushed them the last go round.

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      • Are these hedge funds reliable or are they simply lying to get their shorts to be profitable. Line is hedged to year 2015 (or so i think) so if they make profit from those hedges, so be it. Does Cooperman and others not want to come forward to attack these crooks.

      • The funny thing about the criticism of the hedges is that analysts have been touting them for years as a positive for LINE. The theory was simple. If natural gas is selling at $3 and you've got the price locked in to sell natural gas at $5, then the only thing that would make it a bad deal is if the price of natural gas rises above the $5 hedged price. At that point, you're selling below market.

        Before XTO aka Cross Timbers Oil was acquired by Exxon, they used to the same thing--albeit to a lesser extent. XTO generally hedged a smaller percentage of their natural gas, so that if there was an uptick in the market, they could capture larger returns.

        Anyway, I agree that talking parrots don't make for good financial advice.

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