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  • justanhdoc justanhdoc May 9, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    LINE message board

    Compared to the message board at any other stock I follow this is by far the most active and the most entertaining. The Barrons article spiced it up, and won't say anything more than I have purchased an additional 800 shares since the weekend article. Nice to buy in the 34's. If I had one wish it would be that the very smart individuals so active on the board spend a little more time giving opinions on the reasons to consider this company and comparing it to other oil,oil services companies, MLP's and not worry about the shorts or bicker quite so much. I'd just like to see more discussions related to factors that favor LINE or other companies in the short or longer term. I'm putting new money into stocks instead of mutual funds and need the education.

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    • It may be active and entertaining (not my opinion) but contains little discussion about LINE.
      Whoever tries to use the board for the purpose it was intended (ie. discuss the company LINE) is drowned out by norris and his pals who have decided to use this board as their soapbox to rant on about any political and religious nonsense which they could discuss anywhere but for some unknown reason prefer to destroy an investment board. It's abuse of the platform, plain and simple. I and many others rarely come here anymore and when I do I just skim the thread titles and skip most of them because there is almost no worthwhile discussion here anymore.

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      • I think there is a legitimate concern that the current administration is not allowing development of pipelines and encouraging use of natural gas. The country just needs to put Pickens in charge of energy policy or at least listen to him and work to use the natural resources our country has. We can't blame Obama for the use of ethanol in gasoline (no I didn't vote for him either time). It is an absurd policy that dates at least to Bush. Never forget Grassley with the huge smile on his face and clapping as Bush was pushing ethanol at the State of the Union Address. It takes at least 0.9 gallons of gasoline to get the equivalent of the energy equivalent from ethanol of 1.0 gallons. Blame our system of government, senators from the Midwest, and other elected officials for not being willing to do what is logical on ethanol. That subject does dominate the board too much.

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      • Spot on. I still dip in as a distraction and for amusement. Miss your banter with Jack. Even he could not stomach slaphappy

      • On:
        " who have decided to use this board as their soapbox to rant on about any political and religious nonsense which they could discuss anywhere but for some unknown reason prefer to destroy an investment board."

        Just look in a mirror if you are looking for who disrupted the LINE board.....then maybe re-read some of your posts. You keep posting incorrect information and there are lots of examples...your classic one was that Mr. Rockov said something that was correct but you decided that it was not total return....LOL....what a joke that was....until it was posted as a TOTAL RETURN on a Linn presentation slide.

        Still following Jack around the Yahoo boards trying to prove him wrong about something/anything?

        The only abuse is by those picking on Norris...or OLB story-time fictions.

        ......who wrote this.....?

        "Squeaky clean.....................never have I heard of a politician called squeaky clean. Go google Mitt and what he flipped and lied about. Then tell me he is still squeaky clean. Where were you during the election under a rock with Norris."

      • Just what the board needs.

        A self appointed mystic claiming occult magic and refusing the scientific method; repeated and repeatible academic research, as fancy stuff.

        It is not possible to insult fellow Americans more. But to claim you do it for the service of Free Speech?

        What an insignificant yet still apparition seeking to drag people of Free Will down to the middle of your dark flat collectivist earth.

        Hum is Jon Stewart more a halfling or a goblin? Thanks to Obama and the person he appointed to manage the IRS component of collectivist healthcare taking the fifth before Congress? Yea we will all find out what he is really made of. Whatever it is I am sure he will surprise himself. Hopefully it turns out well for him.

        An early old age crisis is the proper description of what is about to happen?

      • that is the whole package wrapped concisely up .with a great big bow on it......................
        I am guilty of battling with Norris way to much.

        thanks Liza

    • On:
      "board spend a little more time giving opinions on the reasons to consider this company "

      We do not need to do that....we discus it...often.

      If you need to know about Linn....maybe ask Norris, or Jack....or even better just Call Clay at IR and ask...better not to email, but if you call them you will get any answers that you need.

      We already know why....we hear all the conference calls...

      And...we think that this short-nonsense if pretty funny stuff....some of do.

    • Totally agree. As an aside, for what it's worth, Leon Cooperman, a VERY knowledgeable and influencial hedge fund guy, has Linn as one of his five top holdings. This guy was on Fast Money this morning where he revealed his top picks.

    • Well good luck.

      The problem is OLB trooper who insist on posting misinformation from Gasland, Peak Oil, Oil Drum, Corn ethanal criminal lobby whether directly from the source or on the investment sites their guerrilla tactics contaminate.

      Sand post fine work on comparison of production results. As the good seeking alpha piece stated there has been a great deal of bogus comparisons going on. Integrated majors are almost always at low PE and a big discount to the market primarily due to the difficulty in replacing reserves at the necessary scale. Other natural gas producers have fared fare worse than LINE and it is well to remember this is where they began.

      This goes back to the excellent hedge book. Assume they bought above strip price and it still makes no difference to forward cash flow. It is a very real asset no matter how much chanting goes around and around it.

      The BP acquisitions provided LINE with sub $2 FD cost natural gas and that is fully hedged out for the next five years. Again, even if it was above strip the coming cash flow is real.

      Ethane rejection is a big problem for all EPs and a terrible dead weight loss to our economy. But chemical companies will make investments with free ethane. But perhaps not until Obama retires due to the radical and dishonest EPA risk.

      The long term reason to invest in line is natural gas prices. There are not enough rigs cashing dry or wet gas to maintain the supply demand risk even at this depressed level of economic activity. But the wild card is the amount of gas coming off the Williston and over areas as a by-product of oil production. BUt it wll deplay rather the change the certainty of a repricing to at least the marginal cost of production.

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      • To both sand and you, I recognize you spend quite a bit of time on the message board, and appreciate most of what you are saying, but at times miss some of the subtle humor. My Dad was from a North Dakota farm and went on to be an aerospace engineer at NASA. He knew energy and would always point out that corn was food, and putting ethanol in gasoline was idiotic. Burlington Resources was a large holding and had a huge run before being taken over.
        On LINE I agree the hedging looks great. I have appreciated reading about the production numbers. I do see those posts. Maybe natural gas will be utilized the way it should, but not during this administration. My concern will be getting a good price on hedging longer term
        I have confidence in the company overall and am putting more money into it, but with this post I was looking for advice on considering other areas in the oil exploration/production other than the large integrated companies that might make sense. Our family has plenty invested in those. I have a small holding of RES. Just looking for a little recommendations on diversification as I slowly add to my position in LINE, thinking long term accumulation of another idea or two. Just looking for some diversification.
        Humor is great. Just so many posts it is hard to find the serious discussions.

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      • Isn't ethane a liquid at very reasonable pressure? Like 30psi or less? My question is because that would make it far easier it transport. or use for transportation.

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