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  • gdnz14u gdnz14u May 10, 2013 12:26 PM Flag

    Median Target remains $44....Cramer...upside plus 8% the math

    With 8% div. downside vs upside...year end...Target

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    • Eff Cramer - can't stand that eh-hole

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      • not a big fan of Cramer's crazy liberal politics but he certainly knows the markets and knows a good company from a bad one.
        You can't really be a fan of Obama and be a fan of the economy or energy, as he has attempted to cripple both with his big gov't solutions.

      • I wholeheartedly agree. However, I do think that Linn is a screaming buy at this point. If I wasn't already heavily invested in this MLP I would definitely buy more at this point!

      • I love Crammer and value his show.

        Even though he needs some more economics reading on FDR and what an economic disaster the New Deal was. What WW2 proved was the American economy always had the most potential of any in the world but was held back by FDR's mindless collectivism. Every other economy recovered much faster.

        There’s a fascinating split between economists and political historians about the New Deal. The idea that FDR cured double-digit unemployment, wrote author and commentator Thomas Sowell in a recent column, “was never pervasive among economists, and even J.M. Keynes — a liberal icon — criticized some of FDR’s policies as hindering recovery from the depression.”

        FDR was a giant and Constitutional CRIMINAL. A great man? No. Simply a deeply flawed man? No. Constitutional criminal and like all Progressive collectivists there was no moral core.

        His economic policies made recovery impossible but like Obama so far, he was able to blame every one else politically. But it was his Executive order which locked up innocent Americans based on nothing more than race or ethnicity.

        It really makes the terrible sacrifice and resulting accomplishment of our 442 Combat Team a shining beacon for the rest of our history, as Americans and human beings who believe in ideas greater than self.

        Truman and Ike tower over him in every single way.

        Mr. Crammer please read PhD. Sowell or even Keynes on the matter of FDR's economics.

        Other than that please keep up the good work. Thank you Mr. Crammer.

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