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  • norrishappy norrishappy May 11, 2013 10:27 AM Flag

    Welch announces bipartisan bill to reform federal ethanol mandate

    News Release — Rep. Peter Welch
    May 10, 2013

    Colchester – At a small engine repair shop in Colchester this morning, Congressman Peter Welch announced bipartisan legislation to reform the federal ethanol mandate. Joined by Vermonters directly impacted by the mandate, Welch highlighted the harmful impacts of a federal ethanol production mandate on farmers, consumers, and sportsmen.

    “While well intentioned, the mandate on production of corn-based ethanol is harming already struggling dairy farmers with record high feed prices. It’s driving up food prices. And it’s ruining the engines of boats, chainsaws and snowmobiles across Vermont. We’re making long overdue progress on ending ethanol subsidies. This bipartisan legislation will remove another key underpinning of unnecessary taxpayer subsidies for the ethanol industry.”

    Congressman Welch has joined with Rep. Goodlatte (R-VA), Rep. Womack (R-AR) and Rep. Costa (D-CA) in introducing legislation that would repeal the mandate on corn ethanol production. It would also prevent the federal government from increasing the requirement on the amount of ethanol blended into gasoline. The current ethanol blended fuel requirement is 10 percent (E10). The Environmental Protection Agency has signaled its intent to increase this requirement to 15 percent (E15).

    The ethanol industry has historically received three forms of subsidy from the taxpayer: federal tax credits, favorable tariffs, and the production mandate. Congressman Welch is a leader in the House of the effort to repeal all ethanol subsidies. Federal tax subsidies and tariffs supporting corn ethanol production expired at the end of 2011. The bipartisan bill announced today would address the remaining subsidy."

    Finally we have Democrats and Republican moving to get this Progressive corn ethanol corruption under control. The Obama EPA is once again being corrupt trying to force ethanol corruption with 'sulfur' reductions. Once again methanol from natural gas is superior.

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    • They most probably don't get campaign contributions from the ethanol industry.

      • 1 Reply to williamlebotschy
      • Actually the Ethanol Lobby has overplayed their hand to the point of buffoonery just like Stag the Corn Monster Investment Bumble Beast. So every other industry damaged by this Progressive political corruption is now actively working to end rather than modify the mandate corruption. restaurants, grocers, family live stock farmers, dairy, environmental, conservationists, oil and gas, apparel and of course all rational honest investors on this board.

        Ethanol should have been reasonable when they had the chance to modify the program. When Obama is gone it goes away. BY being so irrational and corrupt it made an enemy of every other business interest in America and no longer enjoys public support. Indeed as Americans learn the full extent of the insane corruption they go against it.

        Just a matter of time. So sooner is better.

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