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  • norrishappy norrishappy May 14, 2013 9:03 AM Flag

    No One watched Poor Jon in honor of Sweet William today

    Well Poor Jon came around on the Obama administration getting criminal on the IRS as a political weapon and spying on the press. But a successful attack, capture, torture and execution of our ambassador on 9/11 only after overcoming two of our fine Navy Seals. Seals who chose to refuse immoral political orders to stand down and did their duty; to the last full measure of devotion, against a 1,000. Perhaps more but in any case armed with heavy machine guns, rgp and mortars.
    Then Poor Jon went on to explain how our health system running on government ‘regulation’ has no price discovery driving efficiency like a market based system. Imagine that! Yet somehow in Dark Age flat earth Poor Jon believes an irrational political system can mimic a free market system if we just all will it so. Even though No One can find an instance in human history were this was achieved in a sustainable basis.
    But it is all fine. Poor Jon still has faith that secular material nihilism has the morality to overcome constant human nature. Somehow if we all just will it so we can overcome the constant of human nature and achieve virtue.

    Of course this explains why we still have insane Progressive Corn Ethanol Corruption greatly punishing average Americans rather than our domestic natural gas in our economy greatly benefiting average Americans.

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    • you positive it wasn't the republicans trying to get rid of the tea party. IRS commissioner is a bush holder over and I think the dem's don't mind the tea party marginalizing the rep party with guys that think women can prevent pregnancy when they are being raped

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      • So Bush caused the corruption under Obama's watch? very interesting
        Who is extreme here?
        If you haven't noticed we have a president in Obama who voted three times against bans on partial birth abortion and even sent out a fund raising letter over it. If you haven't followed Kermit Gosnell, this is a heinous procedure that involves killing LIVE BABIES as late as 8-9 mos. in the third trimester and crushing the back of the LIVE BABY's head with scissors. Obama, in a fundraising letter on behalf of her husband's 2004 Illinois Senate campaign, said bans on infanticide were "clearly unconstitutional and must be overturned." There have also been documented cases where the babies were born alive and thrown into a trash can.
        The Obama's are filthy and disgusting people supporting the same murderous procedures that Kermit Gosnell did.

      • Interesting limited collectivist worldview. A new variant of the blame Bush boogieman play. I believe the Tea Party was just as surprised and disappointed by the insane statement as this person did not win a seat for the taking.

        Whatever happened it is Obama's responsibility as the chief executive ultimately responsible for IRS functions. This is the most dangerous abuse of power which can occur and this is what should be the critical point for all rational people.

        I mean even poor Jon realized the Tea Party and all other Traditional Constitutional groups have been proven correct. A large government which is not transparent; self dishonoring press for the delusion of collectivist social justice, is not accountable to the people and therefore not in control of the people.

        Not a properly functioning Republic but rather the always reoccurring instability/failure of a democracy which does not place a value on virtue/morality in public life to support the delusion of moral relativity most accuretly described as social nihilism.

    • You have to remember now that is a comedy show. Remember you said comedy. Something to laugh at not serious.

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      • No One was just helping Sweet William rise from the random goo of the Poor Jon the Media Titan show.

        After all it thinks Poor Jon proved Mr. Crammer is a fraud despite clearly not having spent the time to have an informed opinion on the matter. What we do have is a snarky host ambushing a guest. A comic who clearly suffers a deficit of understanding in economics and the limits of academic stock market efficiency.

        Clearly Sweet William and the rest of the OLB Poor Jon snark audience still believes diversification is a matter of opinion not scientific method proof.

        That old problem with the need for virtue and/or morality. But primitives believe contemplating such things is a waste of time as they always know what they want. ;-)

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