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  • staggman99 staggman99 May 16, 2013 11:10 AM Flag


    Board members and now looks like there will be a oil boom in southern Illinois...the legislature has reached a compromise to allow drilling in the oil-rich New Albany shale...oil companies will now be able to do hydraulic fracturing and get tax breaks if they employ half of their worker from Illinois and pay the prevailing wages...

    Some drilling has already started, near Johnsonville, Il by 'SN Energy of Denver' (Les Wilson of Carmi Il, is the contractor on the project)...'Strata-X is another company from Denver' that is launching a major drilling project called the "Vail project" and they have a 100% working interest in 47,850 gross acres of oil and natural gas...

    Fracking in southern Illinois is now on the fast track and I should be able to get more information on this in the future...i.e. they are now starting to drill a new oil well right across the road from one of my farms but I don't know which company it is yet (but the driller is out of Mt. Vernon Illinois)...! More on this later as I get
    more up to date information...! Stagg...!

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    • HOUSTON, Mar. 18
      By OGJ editors

      Strata-X Energy Ltd., Golden, Colo., plans to drill a horizontal well in the Illinois basin to test for oil in an undisclosed dolomitic formation below the Devonian New Albany shale.

      The company doesn’t reveal the precise location of its Vail oil project for competitive reasons but said it holds 100% interest in 46,300 net acres in what it interprets as an unconventional continuous oil accumulation. If an application to drill is approved, it would spud the well in the second quarter of 2013.

      The company described the proposed well as to have a 4,300-ft horizontal leg at 4,500 ft true vertical depth and said it is acquiring seismic to help with geosteering.

      The dolomitic reservoir is interpreted to extend over 500 sq miles at 3,500-5,000 ft based on an in-house analysis of 120 historic wells that intersected the reservoir, the company said. It cited geologic studies that indicate that the New Albany shale has expelled more than 300 billion bbl of oil, of which more than 4 billion bbl have been produced from shallower formations.

    • Stag starve human beings to personally profit on Obama's Progressive Corn Ethanol Corruption,

      It is odd you are so excited about fracturing across the road. How many countless times have you told your story of salt from resource development destroying many acres on your farm forever.

      You insult your own intelligence more than any one else. Plus you drive Sweet William into tantrums and emotional break downs as it passes into the nearly daily raging intolerant anger.

      No good can ever come of you or from you while you chose to remain as you are.

      • 2 Replies to norrishappy
      • Stagg seems blinded by greed, Norris- maybe he can pay you to haul away his topsoil-brine?

      • ask me to give any information that i could find out about fracturing in the New Albany shale and I told you that I knew several people in the oil business and that I would let you the Monkey talker is mad because I sent a message to you 'that you ask for' (is he you shot caller, ???)...

        I also posted a messages that I had signed a lease with ARPL to mine coal under one of my farms...I also know several people that work for ARLP and the new White Oak coal mine is the most efficient coal mine in the world (and will export all of the coal to China)...has anybody check out the Total Returns on ARLP since I have posted that information (ARLP is now up 28% YTD)...

        sands, if you do not want anymore information from me 'just tell me' and I will keep that information on the SFL message board because the monkey talker would rather talk about 'silly stuff' instead of making money...! $tagg...!

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