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  • norrishappy norrishappy May 17, 2013 7:35 PM Flag

    No One Noticed Poor Jon the Media Titan and a really talented Larry

    Now our demi-god of the secular pagan snark school was on last night. Larry compared Obama to Wilson. Wilson the Progressive President who segregated the civil service and military. After of course winning the votes of Americans who are Black by promising to support civil rights.

    There is a parallel to be made in how Obama has forced poor Americans to pay $2,000 a year more for food to support Progressive Corn Ethanol corruption. Keep poor American dependent for the scraps which fall from the Progressive elite table.

    Some one needs to pay attention to Mr. Beck rather than just speed through for meaningless sound bites.

    Or perhaps Larry was being really deep. Really really deep. I truly hope so, for the alternative which the demi-god of the snarks led them in giggles is sad. Very very sad.

    Larry is clearly to sharp and talented to fall in this way. Poor Jon? What in deed have you done to your snark school? Shame on you if a secular nihilist could believe in shame.

    Both you and the Timeless Mr. Varney have a Peabody. How can that be?

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    • Poor Jon, the legions of writers and the snark school clearly have some weird alternative reality going on. The writers seem to dream it up, Poor Jon says it and then the school of snarks vote it true! Then they all mock any one who disagrees for how ignorant they are. Much like the Occupy Line Board Movement and Obama.

      W Wilson was not the standard Progressive Racist. Sanger did not start Planned Parenthood to keep down the lesser races reckless breeder numbers. Progressives are not misanthrope worshipers of their humanity hating earth goddess. Forcing all to make completely meaningless offerings of solar panels, wind mills and evil corn ethanol for the one true religion because it is necessary to save us all.

      We all voted on it and were 50.01% majority. Majority will that is democracy. America is a democracy not a Republic.

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