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  • norrishappy norrishappy May 19, 2013 10:30 AM Flag

    Myth: “RFS costs nothing to taxpayers.”food prices in the United States have risen 28 percent faster than inflation

    Facts: Taxpayers directly paid over $30 billion for the ethanol tax credit that expired in December 2011, and legislation passed earlier this year secured another $2.2 billion in tax credits for renewable fuels producers.

    And the costs go far beyond direct tax subsidies.

    Perhaps the most noticeable impact of the RFS is the rise in food prices. Diverting corn to ethanol has resulted in food price increases that affect all consumers as well as taxpayers who support government food assistance programs. Since the amendment and expansion of the RFS in 2007, food prices in the United States have risen 28 percent faster than inflation, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and FarmEcon, LLC.

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    • everyone familiar with the energy industry knew from the very beginning that the ethanol panacea was a joke.
      Ethanol lowers the MPG of a car/truck and at certain levels, some say 10% it damages the conventional car engine.
      We need to stop chasing Windmills and let the market dictate energy supplies not misguided and ill-informed politicians (of both parties).

    • Even at Costco as well? We shop at the dollar stores and thrift shops. If they have no beef we do without. It is healthier, {geeeeeeesh} You can still go get your double hamburger from macs just not as often norris.

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      • Real Progressive. Empower corruption to passive/aggressive take choice from fellow Americans.

        Personal persuasion offered with honesty, rationality and objectivity is our way.

        Pretty scary that a proudly ignorant person like you would self assume to have the power to chose for people.

        Not a problem until a elite armed research on your reactive and negative emotional buttons can easily push them and drive swarms like you to vote for them.

        It really is no mystery why Obama has the worst economic 'recovery' on record. Corn ethanol corruption is enough in and of itself but there is all the other dissembling corruption built on your lack of awareness and rationality.

        So much easier to just assume you are an intellectual elite and then get together in herds and vote on it. But that does not change reality simply imposes a large cost of your delusions on fellow Americans.

      • corn impact goes a lot further than just beef. Besides the majority of livestock feed there are an incredible number of american food products with corn in it. Of course if the farmers are planting more corn, then they are planting less other crops, grains, soybeans etc.

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