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  • thebookstar1 thebookstar1 May 28, 2013 5:05 PM Flag


    On february 27, 2013 here's the mad money headline ... "cramer: check out this sky-high dividend yielder " please be my guest and listen to jim cramer's mad money show this day in history when he pumped linn energy (line) and from his pumping and hyped commentary on this episode of mad money, you'd have thought this was the next holy grail of stocks. I wrote then that this was just another phoeny hyped pump and dump stock from cramer on mad money to put money in his pocket and his buddies at his buddy hedge fund pockets. you should have read some of the hate mail and hate posts from those who actually followed this cramer hype on linn energy. It was comical how many sheep follow this wolf in shark drag. lol, i assured those who bought this stock in late february would lose money and regret their even listening to cramer. So here we are, just as i promised, i told those who lived in denial about prior blown cramer calls who bought linn energy this day in time on cramer's hype and pump and dump game show called mad money. now we are 2 months later as i suggested we revisit this stock and the call that cramer made that day in february on his mad money show. Well, we are down, just as i promised you it would be in 2 months from that mad money show date. today, i receive no further hate mail or hate comments via posts on this "line" board. if you had bought 500 shares of line on 2/27/13, you would have invested approximately $18750.00 + commission. After receiving one dividend of $0.725 on 500 shares you would have earned $362.50 and will be paying tax on that dividend. today the stock stands at $34.75, so your 500 shares are now worth $17.375 + $362.50 = $17,737.50 . Cramer just lost you money on another over hyped blown stock pick. this time $1,012.50 + 2 commissions if you sell today. So you lost approximately $1, 030.00 because you followed jim cramer and his pump of this stock, linn energy (line). Hopefully, one day you will all listen to me about cramer.

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    • I am grateful for the opportunity to buy LINE at these prices. If you can't figure out why, you should not be investing on your own. Maybe you should just buy a large cap value mutual fund.

    • There are some people of limited abilities who think the world of Crammer.

    • LINE is a piece of krap, like ALL pieces of electronic "wealth" I only scalp this turd, and anyone thinking the market is other than a casino, with MARGIN DEBT AT RECORD $385 BILLION is delusional. Ther is no such thing as "investing" anymore. Protect all assets, take a small loss if you need to preserve. I sold into the opening pop, look how smart money has been . SCALP ONLY any stock, period.

    • You have a pretty short-term investment horizon, Bookstar. I can't imagine why you'd buy an income vehicle like Linn. Anyway, I see small bits and pieces of Cramer every now and then, but I really can't understand what he's saying with his words spewing over my livingroom floor at 130 m.p.h. But in very early 2009 I heard him tout Linn Energy and interview CEO Linn about Linn's hedging. As I'm basically an income investor (with some gambling thrown in) I liked what I heard and began buying LINE in the teens.

      Now in 2013, with the forthcoming bump in distribution, I'll be making close to 11% on LINE buy-in money. There's over 12K of LINE in my wife's and my IRAs. And with all the sturm und drang over UBTI, I haven't paid a cent. Instead I've accumulated an awful lot of UBTI loss carryforwards should I need them one day. Meanwhile the income is first-rate and the cap gain somewhat of a surprise.

      Finally, Cramer didn't make either one of us buy. If you made a poor decision, face up to it. Hell, Cramer didn't shove a gun to your noggin and threaten, "Buy or I pull the trigger." (Of course, he'd likely have been

    • If your attention span and investment horizon are measured in nanoseconds perhaps you should buy scratch off tickets.
      Having owned Line sub 13, never selling a share, looking at the chart and knowing a 10 year energy bull market is ahead, I'm a big time buyer and welcome this analysts induced dip as I believe it unsupported by facts. Nothing has changed in their hedging. Price action is just as Cramer says, caused bya very bad analyst.
      Good luck with your short position, or better luck next time.

    • What do you mean?

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