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Linn Energy, LLC (LINE) Message Board

  • theblueridgetrader theblueridgetrader May 30, 2013 2:49 PM Flag

    Recent price action

    I have been trying to figure out why this is dropping so much lately. I love the company but would like to figure out why it just keep going lower. Any thoughts?

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    • I am adding. Everyone now hate s high dividend oils.Go figure:-) figure

    • Added more today at 33.80. This is the only MLP I own that is sitting at 52 week lows. For me it is time to buy!

    • I heard an analyst say that there is someone who is trying to put together a fund and he or they were the source behind Barrons hit pieces. If there is any truth to that, I wouldn't be surprised that they wouldn't be instigating shorts or rumors to compound the same negative effects. But just a guess on my part. And as far as new tax legislation on MLPs, no chance until after 2014 at the earliest. And even then, the probability is slight at best. It is definitely not low hanging fruit.

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      • looks a lot better than Ohio....right?
        "Ohio’s Utica shale is generating big production numbers, although it’s been a slow process and some experts were hoping for even bigger numbers.

        The state on Thursday released production data from 87 Utica wells drilled by 11 companies — with the wells producing 12.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas and so-called natural gas liquids and 635,896 barrels of oil in 2012.

        That means the average well produced a modest 1.6 million cubic feet of natural gas per day plus 80 barrels of oil.

        Ohio’s oil production grew by 93 percent and 80 percent for natural gas from a year earlier.

        The long-awaited report offers a first glimpse of the true potential of the Utica shale under eastern Ohio. The data appear to show that the Utica shale will be dominated by natural gas more than oil. The oil volumes were lower than had been projected, and that’s likely a disappointment to analysts and energy companies.

        “It’s shaping up largely as a natural-gas play,” said Tom Stewart, executive vice president of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association. “I’m not disappointed or discouraged by the numbers. … But this is a process that takes time to develop.”

        It is possible that large quantities of oil may still be found in sections of the Utica shale in Ohio, he said.

        The Utica shale is “the real deal,” said James Zehringer, director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources at a Columbus news conference.

        The natural gas volume may be disappointing to some but the lack of pipelines and processing plants in Ohio has slowed the development of its Utica shale, officials said in unveiling the data.

        Ohio’s total compares to 2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale and 455 billion cubic feet in West Virginia in 2012.

        The Marcellus shale, however, lacks the Utica shale’s mix of natural gas and lucrative liquids: oil and natural gas liquids (ethane, butane and propane).

        Of the 87 Ohio wells, only two were in production "

    • Blueridge, there's been some concern lately about legislation (though it's unlikely) changing MLPs to corporations, thus removing tax advantages.

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      • I understand the argument, but it is moronic. The energy sector is the only fundamental bright spot in the economy (housing is and asset that is can only become a bubble) politicians would be fools to screw it up.

        Second, look at LNCO trading at a 10% premium to LINE. There is no reason to think the shares would trade down or that the government would collect any more taxes!

    • I kind of wonder why the BRY vote is not announced. Shouldn't there be a date announced? The only alternative is that they just get enough votes from institutions, but I don't see this passing without the open shareholder vote.

      After the BRY deal I think management can forget about any acquisitions other than their own shares until the price recovers.

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      • On this:
        "After the BRY deal I think management can forget about any acquisitions other than their own shares until the price recovers"

        It may be what you think but that is contrary to what they said.
        That is not their plan....listen to the last conference call.

        If you can't find the discussion.....someone can post exactly where to listen.

        They will be buying more.....they say it very clearly and also discuss the present activity that they are seeing.

    • Could be threat of another spo, or high PE, or debt load, or street trying to figure out how they are making money. They have not joined the party to higher PPS like most have, yet chart don't look all that negative either. I think one just nibbles here and average down. No doubt $33 is in the cards. Doubt the pps will fall off a cliff though. I see CLMT getting beat up too. Problem this time of year we could be in for a good sell off. When last time we had a 300 point drop? I hate to see what happen with everything over heated.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I concur about the dividend stocks getting destroyed, it's insane! Since yesterday afternoon, the MREITs are recovering -down 20%. I imagine they are sucking up most of the oxygen. LINE is a great buy at 9%+ yield but AGNC is a 19% yield.

    • Looks like interest rates are climbing and most of the dividend paying stocks that people buy for income are getting hit.......not just LINE.......but that doesn't lessen the pain any!

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