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  • lexpress56 lexpress56 Jun 13, 2013 11:26 AM Flag

    Request of Lizahuang54321

    Liza: You stated in a recent message there are other boards that discuss MLPs. Would you mind identifying them?

    I too am getting tired of the constant bickering and name calling between Norris, Sand, and RLP coupled with Norris' constant political commentary (he clearly sees this as his personal blog and others feed him by responding). Each of these gentlemen (particularly rlp) make some valid points here, but their posting is so clouded in personal attacks on one another it has become both frustrating and disgusting IMO. It must suck to spend your entire day, day after day, writing mean and bitter notes. TIA, Lex

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    • Lex, over at the Investors Village site there's an informatively civil board for MLPs with lots of posts. And if you want to continue to check out this board, why don't you place the ever-hostile Sand and the politically sanctimonious, obsessive Norris on Ignore? I've done it for quite a while now and really don't grasp why more folks don't seem to do the same.

      Anyway, re LINE, the quicker a positive response emerges from the SEC, the sooner we'll see an initial rebound. And then a further move up should follow a satisfactory conclusion to the Berry deal. The uncertainty plays into shorters' hands and generates investor apprehension. Meanwhile, I'm optimistic enough to continue buying the 2015 calls but not immune to a bit of worry. Still, the old saw about buying fear and selling euphoria likely holds here.

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      • ronharv, hostility is not part of the post...if you spot any then maybe you are simply misreading a small bit of frustration at times when some who really would like to discuss Linn Energy and who do actually LISTEN to all of the conference calls and have the interest to read about the basin's where development is ongoing are continually confronted by mere basher-routines & lots of very names with a very short message history as if we should all be fooled...oops..

        ....even some sly soft basher the Linn-as-a bond nonsense, or some of your old posts getting the hedging explanation wrong....but after it was clearly explained, so we knew you understood it.

        ....we can do a quick search if you need some examples to refresh your memory.

    • try Investor village there is an MLP Board with some sharp posters eg. Factoids,

    • Have a look at the SFL board. Marklibera is a valuable poster.

    • Lex, it sounds like now you are just making up some stuff....this looks like a helpful-Linn-related post to me.....not you too?

      ["Still twisting info?
      ops-the -misinformer.

      Well, here is a short list of some that I like for Linn to maybe buy:

      Whiting (WLL)
      Oasis (OAS)
      Triangle (TPLM)
      Kodiak (KOG)

      you might want to get up to speed.......on what is changing in the Bakken.....

      "Bakken Update: Triangle's Blowout Quarter Beats Analyst Earnings Estimates By 43%
      Jun 13 2013"]

      It would be nice to read something you can add about Linn Energy instead of the typical peanut-gallery comments, but since you seem to prefer to just complain instead, I doubt Norris will miss you much.

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      • Sand: I acknowledged in my note that each of you make some valuable contributions and points, but your reply to me simply MAKES MY POINT as you have some great basic info, but what does your message start with? Your comments on "twisting info" followed by name calling.

        I regularly ignore the posters that just offer comments on other persons' posts without contributing meaningful analysis and facts. That practice leaves me reading the messages of only 10 or so meaningful posters because that is all there are. And YOU and RLP and Liza and even Norris are people I WANT to read, but your posting has progressed into such negativism, the good information is often -- not always, but certainly more and more often -- clouded in vitriol. I trust a number of fellow infrequent posters like myself, who frequently read the board, share my dislike for having to watch the daily infighting between you and others.

        I apologize if you take offense to these remarks, as I dont consider myself the judge and jury on this. I would simply hope that some of the more informed posters, of which you rank right up there at the top, would take a few weeks to focus on dialing back the needless rhetoric. My guess is your days will be happier and more peaceful.

        Just my two cents. Thanks for considering the request. Lex

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