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  • d_neely Jun 15, 2013 10:47 PM Flag

    Where there is smoke...

    I am not knowledgeable enough to know the truth about LINN's real value but in my past experience with stocks I have found when there is this much negative press there is usually some element of truth. And in the end the retail investor who is holding based upon "hope" usually get's burnt. I own the stock but am not optimistic on the outcome. But like the other LINN supporters I am holding hoping for a good outcome. Taking a loss at this point is hard to stomach but if it falls below 30 I guess i will have had enough.

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    • If you feel insecure, just sell your shares and get it over with. It like listening to rlp mumbo-jumbo day in and day out - like who is he trying to save? Seriously, if you have feelings of insecurity, then just sell and move on. Constantly stalking around the MB, and blasting a stock day in and day out only shows you have some ulterior motive. You think ppl who bought this stock is somehow dumb and oblivious to any info? and needs your constant scaring to 'do the right thing and sell'? You made your point one time, fine, but repeating that over and over again like that dumb Barron's guy only shows you have a personal agenda to push this stock down.

      Why are these ppl so concerned about the true value or accounting or depletion rates, etc. ect.? If LINE was to blow up then it would had done so already. ITts been over 8 years and they are somehow still in business, so geez, try to find a new victim like Herbalife then (they had been over 20 years in business.....ooh phoney accounting.....time for a scare......time to short it).

      Was any news regarding LINE present on Friday that caused the 8% plunge??? So, a stock that gets sold-off that large a percentage without even any news is enough to bring suspicions that somehow someone knows something scary for this stock.....Good grief. For all of you stockholders, learn your lesson, stop putting a passive stop-loss and you will not be stopped out of your shares, causing others to be stopped out as well.

      Did management says distributions will be cut or will not be able to pay? Nope. Was there news that says the Berry deal is jeopardized? Nope. Are there anyone else besides that Barron's guy and Hedgeye that have anything new? Nope. Then by all means sell. It might hit $20 something. I'll just keep adding.

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      • Actually, Barron's and Hedgeye haven't added anything new. The just keep repeating the same things.

      • So what is the point of a post like that? He needs someone to hold his hand during this scary time? Look, you and I are adults....if you are not sure about a stock because its been going down for no reason, then sell and move on. That is my message. I thought I made some valid points to his concerns, but apparently stock manipulation is very hard to catch when millions of shares are traded. The stock fell close to 8% for no reason, only Barron's guy, Hedgeye, and rlp3541 keeps repeating their articles and posts, some of which from misrepresentation of data or unsubstantiated rumors.

        If you are concerned, and were led to believe these characters, then just sell your shares....the board cannot help you, other than presenting the info that is available showing the company is not blowing up, as many of them would like you to believe.

        Market makers knows this. They understand the average person psyche. Supress a stock over a period of time, while driving it down week after week, on no substantive info will raise doubts in anyone's mind. No one can help aleviate your fear of loss. Only you should know why you bought and why you are holding. I can only tell you that I am holding because this MLP had shown that it had paid each and every distribution over th last 8 years, and its yield is among the highest. This MLP has the potential to increase its yield, and the Berry acquistion is among a bright spot for it to do so. I am getting paid while I hold my shares as the deadline of the merger approaches. If you are scared of the drop in share price as that get closer, then you yourself should do an introspection as to why you had bought in at the first place if you do not have faith with this company to begin with.

      • Who the hell are you to tell him to move on. He is simply voicing his concerns as he does own
        shares and whether it is wise to continue to hold or cut his losses. I myself have no investment in this mlp, but am here to determine whether this is a buying opportunity or not.

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