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  • malagasysloth malagasysloth Jun 16, 2013 12:33 PM Flag

    "expert" ringleader attacking $LINE. Almost 3 years experience

    from cramer on twitter: "My good friend Doug Kass has shown me the resume of the "expert" ringleader attacking $LINE. Almost 3 years experience! What a pro!!

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    • First clue Crammer is lying , when he claims to have a friend.

    • Live in the Princeton area and went to many hockey games there. Hockey players are under sized, and average as a team so that is no big deal. They have no business program. So a few of the kids, to get jobs, take a couple of economics courses and when the recruiters come in the banks and investment houses are looking for daddy's money. However the last few years the investment houses have curtailed recruiting. Love the private dining houses too. They serve beer to under age students and the cops, many times, are picking the kids up off the front lawns drunk. A "pro" with 3 years experience is not an expert in my opinion. Now if the kid was from Wharton watch out. They are however focusing on a weakness that exists and making alot of noise about it and Linn is vunerable. 3 articles in Barrons, in what, the last 2 months shows that the hedge fund PR plan has not worked so far. Linn needs to go on the offensive. if the deal goes thru and Linn pays the dividend monthly, this is going to cause the shorts the scramble. What I havent figured out is Linn has dropped but LNCO has not dropped as much as Linn. Love the dividend though but I dont think its sustainable. So if Linn has to drag this out and the hedge fund has to pay the dividend the hedge will be scrambling.

    • Yep, BS degree from Princeton in 2010 and almost three year experience with Hedgeye. After less than three years, he's their "star" energy analyst. (Obviously, energy is not their speciality.)

      Regardless of what Hedgeye claims to be, it's a hedge fund:
      "Founded in 2008 by a former hedge fund manager, Hedgeye maintains a hedge fund perspective in its research outlook. Founder Keith McCullough,... Keith McCullough runs his research product like an investment portfolio, putting out over a dozen “trades” on a typical day based on recommendations received from the sector analysts."

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      • Perhaps Hedgeye is right about LINE. We won't know until the final round has unfolded. However, for a bunch of writers and analysts to have such an effect on a company to the downside, it is clear to me they are representing more than just their own interests. They are the front for someone / somebody who wants to destroy LINE. Don't know who they are but they are taking a big stand. Those tweets from the punk are so arrogant. I hate arrogance with a passion. I want them to burn in a blaze of glory. It is one thing if they have valid complaints about the company and are ultimately right. To boast and be so brazen is why I want them to fail. They must have known the Barron's article was coming out this weekend. Someone was illegally trading on insider information before Barron's came out. Just look at the huge volume on Thursday and Friday with no real new news except the ongoing attack from Hedgeye people.

    • Kevin Kaiser ‏HedgeyeENERGY 13m
      My intern has 9 days experience and he understands $LINE better than jimcramer

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      • Kevin Kaiser is just an EX hockey player from Princton Univ. that had too many concussions and couldn't make it in the NHL.

      • RLP,
        since you posted here at LINE that EVEP was "special"... (it can be re-posted for you...but I guess you would rather forget). look like maybe you should wash all that egg of your face again since you seem to again be somewhat in conflict with who you are now using as a reference.

        When I read about that guy you just posted (who I never heard ask even one question at a Linn conference call like lots of other analysts ....So, did he?)...

        I spotted this:
        "Hedgeye Says EV Energy Partners (EVEP) Worth Only $18-$27"

        So, it looks to me a little like another Red Queen article where you just "forgot" to bother mentioning that the author of the Red Queen worked for Statoil who did the opposite of what that Red Queen author cautioned about and Statoil went out and bought a bakken-pure play (BEXP).

        When you were asked why....just silence.

        Like when you were asked to explain your comment about how you know .....after making that Tuesday comment here a few times....more RLP-silence...


        Still posting lots of basher-re-runs?
        I see the hedging again and again by 1981....same old story for more than a year....and notice that it is actually wrong....if you read what was posted.

        You might not be surprised to learn that some do not believe you.

        But some of it is amusing stuff.

        How about more decline curves, or which Hogshooter zones, or railroad takeaways, maybe compare the well economics of the Lansing to the Atoka, .....or that does not work you might try the Bakken-fizzle stuff again?

      • and what does that make you rlp?
        Brown noser of Hedgeye that plagiarises their press releases ?

      • in december i owned MWE. i bought it at $47.... it went to went to 51 then pulled back to $49.
        for #$%$ and giggles i asked cramer what he thought. he said, "sell MWE at $49. it's no KMP."
        MWE is now at $67

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