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  • hbrois hbrois Jun 17, 2013 8:03 AM Flag

    Who is Hedgeye Risk Management anyway??

    According to multiple sources on the Internet, Hedgeye was founded in 1/1/08. Their founding president, Brian McGough is no longer with the company. Their recent published milestones are primarily notices of four managers that were hired - one of which, as stated, is no longer with the company. Checking with Bloomberg Businessweek there is almost no data on any of their top 5 executives. While not showing specifics for individual compensation, Bloomberg has a chart which shows Hedgeye's CEO's compensation compared to the industry average to be at the very bottom. The number of employees is unavailable, the yearly revenue is unavailable.
    As a private company Hedgeeye Risk management is not obligated to provide any information on the company to the public - my question is, why is Barron's primarily quoting a relatively unknown research company and why has so much market capitalization been lost based on an analysis from a 5-year old company with so many unknowns about it. Apparently, in running, ostensibly the same article, three times, Barron's is trying to undermine the company in some sort of apparent vendetta.

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    • Barron's is a tool for some big hedge fund who wants to destroy the BRY deal. I don't know if it is BRY short sellers who need to destroy the merger to save themselves but there is something funny about the whole thing. SEC should be checking it out but they won't. complain to SEC none the less, especially after huge volume on Thursday and Friday driving LINE down right before the Barron's article would would allow shorts the opportunity to cover if they decide not to drive LINE completely into the ground. .

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