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  • billeesands billeesands Jun 17, 2013 3:40 PM Flag

    Cramer tweet

    Does anyone know what Cremer is referring to by this? Is there a meeting or presentation tomorrow? Thanks.

    Jim Cramer ✔ @jimcramer
    Just keeping you up-everyone buying $LINE today must understand that there will be an orchestrated bear raid call on it tomorrow at 11.

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    • CHECK ✔

    • Cramer has been turned to the dark side. The hedge fund shorts are pulling out all the stops, they are buying all the media they can, including Bozo Jim! Look at today! This tweet, three TSDC stories offering nothing but Hedgie BS?!!! And all saying little guys will be hurt buying. BS!!! Little guy's got hurt HOLDING, and now IT"S PAYBACK TIME!!

      Cramer is worthless at best, poison most likely.

      There is a good article on seeking alpha from a guy that was in on the call -he was unimpressed to say the least. It appears Hedgeye is desperate to have others take their short position and the story is going over like a fart in church. If the institutions smell the blood of hedgeye's bloated stinking short they will squeeze them like the zit they are!

    • Hedgeye already made its presentation today (Tuesday), pretty much repeating everything they've already been caterwauling about Linn Energy. Investors can see their sterling results in LINE's closing price. A number of responders on this thread need a current calendar. (And what's an "orchestrated bear raid" anyway?)

    • First off, Cramer is an idiot, I'm sure we can all agree on that. Now that we have that settled, I would love to see a "bear raid" tomorrow, why not? It's not like I'm planning on selling my LINE position any time in the near future. If idiots want to sell the stock cheaper than $30, fine. I love to buy things cheap and sell them higher. It makes . . . money.

    • He talked about this today in the Mergers/Acquisitions segment of Mad Money. The short hedge funds are getting together for a CC or a 'keetchen' (idk what he was saying).

    • robin0635 Jun 17, 2013 8:14 PM Flag

      billeesands: Yes that has been confirmed on Cramer's show... A "teaching seminar on shorting Linn Energy"...
      I thought SEC Rule 12(b)(6) et. seq. prohibited such conduct... Sad commentary if such action is condoned by it.
      I hope holders of LINE/LNCO stock also know that they can contact their brokers directly and prohibit the trading house from allowing their stocks to be used for short-trading purposes... There is no charge for that action to the stock holder...Then the only recourse would be a "naked short" on which the 'shorter' is open to unlimited liability should it fail... Thought you all might like to know that...

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I just heard it too. I love these dividends on both (LNCO also) but I would wait I bought on Friday but was able to get out at $31.05 with a profit but there was also a guy on with Maria before 5pm who actually said he was watching LINE and said he was looking for the mid $20's so he must have known about this short seminar too. Cramer mentioned this event will probably put pressure on the shares so be patient. These two stocks are fun to trade I have done it over the last few months but now especially LINE drops fast in minutes. I would wait a few days to go long at least.

    • Cramer just repeated bear raid for Tuesday and called for SEC investigation.

    • He also tweeted something about bear raids being made illegal by a 1934 law. He sounded downright angry at that hedge fund.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to mbd11751
      • I would think whatever is going legal. If there is any illegal activity...where the hell is Linn's lawyers? The company is losing lots of money! Anything illegal and the lawyers would be on the front pages of the newspapers, screaming their heads off for justice. They would of been in court already, applying for a gag against the evil doers! Linn management would of had an emergency conference call to calm things down. Wouldn't you think??? So...I guess everything is legal. Unfortunately!

    • The Tuesday orchestrated bear raid is the announced (don't know what time or where) Hedgeye party to bash LINE (and perhaps others). You might pick up something from their website. That guy was pushing his short on LINE with tweets all weekend. What a #$%$. We can expect a big selling effort on Tuesday (and perhaps beyond). I am on board with stock and options so cannot buy more. Just have to ride it our or down as the case may be.

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