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  • dolfanluv dolfanluv Jun 20, 2013 8:54 AM Flag

    Instead of ...

    Instead of worrying about what the shorts are doing, and trying to force and wish this would go higher, why not go with the trend?

    I'm long.... have been for quite some time. But instead of losing control and frreaking out, I hedged my positions on the way down using puts. So I actually made money during the decline, and picked up additional shares - very cheap. Then when the trend turned, I sold the puts, bought calls, and made more money on the way back up. I then posted about how this was going to revert... so I sold the calls, and bought more puts - and made more on the way back down. Net-Net is a very positive.

    By the way, look at my posts - I called these actions publically.

    As longs, we want the share price low when divi's are paid so we can soak up more shares, but we want the share price high so we can capture price appreciation and make coin. But we also have to understand that there's a game being played. Long and short. Accept it and use it to add to your positions and your bank.

    Today's action is going to be more about the overall market than LINE itself - as the market is going to tank, those with gains will take profits, and the shorts will jump back on... Can we see $30 again? Absolutely... but learn to use TA and other resources to strategically make buys and hedge accordingly. You'll learn to thank the shorts for the free money. They're not the enemy... They're the ones that provide you the opportunity to make outsized gains, even if they're thesis is ridiculous and untrue.

    Still long, will add more during this dip....

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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