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  • lizahuang54321 lizahuang54321 Jun 20, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

    sand has complete lost it

    shortly after proudly trumpeting about how he was told directly how to avoid your shares being shorted and that contrary statements made by brokerages or printed on investment websites are not believeable sources, he found a quote that supported his position on ehow (those renowned experts on brokerage policies along with how to bake a souffle, fix a bicycle tire or change a watch battery - they know everything) and started pasting that everywhere as proof he is right.

    Most of us would not be surprised at that considering how he loves to paste finiviz graphs as answer to everything - his new answer to everything will no doubt be a cut and paste from ehow. Here's where he gets really nuts. He has started stalking to to other boards via my posting history and suddenly popus up in the middle of threads on other boards about completely different subjects and with completely other people and posts his ehow cut and paste in the middle of the thread, presumably thinking it will discredit me in some way. Trouble is the people on those boards have no idea who he is and are completely bewildered as to why he is posting an ehow quote on how to avoid your shares being shorted into the middle of a discussion on oil prices. He also throws in one of his obscure little comments about posting history with a reference to short histories by billwilson, whoever that is. Of course, these other boards have no idea at all what it is about so he comes across as a complete nutjob.

    Sorry to say, sand has become so obsessed with me that he cannot limit himself to the LINE board. Now he feels he must follow me around from board to board butting in to every conversation he can find me, pasting his ehow quote to the utter bewilderment of the other participants. I've had this problem before of being followed from board to board, there seems to be something about my online personality that attracts these obsessive people. Thank goodness they don't know my real name.

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    • Liza, Put them on ignore. On this MB i keep Sands,opinions,happy and sometimes Rip on ignore. You will only miss then arguing with each other.

    • You have your own private stalker. You should be proud. I've advertised on Craig's List for a stalker and couldn't get one. Now you've got one for nothing. Granted the fellow's hostile and choleric, but stalkees can't be choosy.

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      • ronharv, it seems that you have the stalking issue and obsessive behavior a bit backwards.....[just look at how many times this false nonsense was obsessively repeated already]... I do not follow anyone..& it kinda sounds like you might not like what I found out.

        ....we saw the same nonsense with those type of falsehoods here before, and just keeps posting if repeating and repeating might make the original post a bit more correct....

        Well maybe it was correct for some like the ones that were posted....but maybe not for others as we found out....

        This also looked interesting:
        "How to Stop Broker Lending on a Short Sale Stock Account

        1. Call your broker. When you own shares at a brokerage house, those shares are actually held in what is called "street name." You have rights to the shares, but the brokerage house is allowed to loan out the shares held in your account to facilitate a short sale for another buyer. This often happens without you knowing, but you can call your broker and request that he does not allow the shares to be located for a short sale transaction.
        2. If your broker does not fulfill your request, you have the right to transfer your shares directly to the transfer agent. The transfer agent will keep your shares in safekeeping and the shares will be registered in your name. This will take a few business days, and there may be fees assessed for initiating the transfer.
        3. Request a stock certificate. The only way to be absolutely sure your shares are not being loaned out to facilitate a short sale is to physically hold the certificate in your hands. This way, you are in complete control of your shares of stock, and shares held in certificate form are nearly impossible to be used for short sale purposes."


        please do not believe it was advised just google and let us know what you find..

        I googled and found lots of interesting and confirming info....try is amazing what you might find.


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