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  • wedgemahalo wedgemahalo Jun 20, 2013 6:04 PM Flag

    What a day! Huge upside to this stock

    I am in REIT's and they have been brutal just like LINE (for different reasons for sure, but the yield issues are similar in terms of income seeking investors). REIT's, despite in some cases already being down 20% and announcing very good dividends this week, got crushed again today. Obviously the market overall was bleeding today. ETP and KMP down 2-3 % today. LINE up 1%. This is incredibly positive in terms of performance and what is about to happen to the stock!!

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • It was not a huge upside but I think it signals a less volatile trade spread in the future. I'm just glad I was able to acquire more stocks cheaply because of the games people were playing.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I can't believe you are comparing REITs to Oil/gas MLPs like LINE. REITs are in a structural bear market because of rising interest rates. You had your fun with high yield on those because of the Fed holding rates to historic lows.....that is changing now. You lose and will continually to lose on those. Just a meager 1% rise in rates can reek such havoc in the sector, imagine if another 2-3%???

      LINE was drove down because it was a short target. Even though there's was a rise in interest rates, O/G MLPs did not showed nearly that much damage as to REITs. They are not so dependent on interest spreads and are not as leveraged on that spread as REITs. What you earn in divi doesn't even make up for the dramatic loss of principle. I could easily see another 50% drop for I am staying out.

    • I am figuring that LINE put in a bottom. Talk about a hammer. So LINE being up against a big draft market is no shock. We just need the next quarter result to make sure we can hold this footing. That LINE came forward with details about the hedging costs maybe all the shorts wanted to hear in the first place.

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