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  • ronharv ronharv Jun 21, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

    Nice Article for LINE Longs

    At Google click on news and search: Linn Energy Cramer. Read the article titled: Jim Cramer Goes To War With Keith McCullough.

    McCullough (for those who don't know) is Hedgeye's CEO.

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    • Sometimes you cna get a little insight from just reading the profiles of 'experts" like McCullough. and their company home page. To me, it is clear that McCullough is all ego and no substance. What is unfortunate is that he clearly orchastrated the bear attack with the help of the novice analyst that Barrons put up front. We will never know how much the author was paid nor will we know why Barrons printed it. All we do know is that Hedgeeye publically states that they take great pride in their "timing". If we go back to Barrons first article, it was clearly timed to coincide with the ex dividend date. The second reprint of old "news" was just an attempt to throw a little gas on a smoldering fire. The third article was a non event. I guess those of us that dared to trust ourselves or our "supporting experts" can just sit back and say wow. Too bad we don't have an SEC that would put McCullough in hail with others that have performend physicak rape.

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