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  • criticalthinker0227 criticalthinker0227 Jun 28, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    Typical Behavior?

    Is this misinformation campaign being waged against LINN a typical characteristic of Bear Raids? Is there a bright red line that must be crossed before the SEC initiates either a civil or criminal investigation of such manipulation? Has there ever been a case in which the SEC did act?

    I'm just a humble amateur, and would appreciate any specific information anyone can provide.

    Thank You

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    • It can be an indication one is coming because someone is motivated to be spreading the rumors and FUD (shorts)

    • You'd have to prove their was bad faith and a conspiracy, that would be very difficult to do, even if the enforcement body was competent, and the SEC is far from that. Anyway, I don't see how any of us were harmed by all this. If you knew the company and understood the fallacious bear argument, it was just an opportunity to make money and have some fun. Anyone who sold out never belonged in this game in the first place. Fortune favors the bold, not the ignorant.

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      • robin0635 Jun 28, 2013 11:40 PM Flag

        Ms.Ruby: The relentless manipulation by the bears and shorts in both the press and by posters on these boards against Linn is patently obvious, but I agree completely that proving the case would be quite difficult, even if the SEC were interested - (and they have given no indication of any interest so far)... However, individuals with tight "stop loss orders" were indeed damaged , and once the algo's kicked in they magnified the drops further- more likely than not, before they even knew what happened, their shares were gone - (based solely on misinformation)... Seasoned investor have a tad more control, but the newer breed shoots first and asks questions later... Day-traders made a bundle though, as did anyone with advanced knowledge who would have picked up shares at over a $1.00p/s discount, with zero downside risk... What I found more disheartening was the timing and manner in which it was posted: no references to any source publication; no question of its validity; no added request for ancillary subporting data/sourcing; and no reference about the lack of any comment from BRY or LINE corporate; etc... A sad commentary which makes one wonder...

    • I'll give you some specific information..........the market is stacked against people like you (and me) and everyone else that is not part of the back room deals to PORK the public........and the SEC doesn't help or care a bit..........what else do you need to know??

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