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  • fwb54 fwb54 Jun 29, 2013 4:07 PM Flag

    Barron's again

    Another negative swipe at Linn this week, in the form of a letter to the editor from Hedgeye., basically stating that they are right about the cash flow issue, and the poorly informed retail investors do not have the expertise to understand this.
    They will do this every week until the vote takes place.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Maybe Blarrons could start the send out magazine with perforated pages, as to better serve its multi-purpose!

    • If shorts are still short by close on Friday they are responsible for the distribution. Could hurt a little, I think we may see a little pop before the vote.

    • he left out article all new revenue from new oil and gas wells bought!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • yah.... a dozen analysts covering linn with an ave price target of $43......... but magically the hedgeye accounting geniuses sees thru all smoke and mirrors. let them keep yelling fire in a crowded theater, and i'll keep going back and pull coins from the seat cushions.

    • Old news...

    • Hum poorly informed retail investors. Good thing Ben Stein is timeless like Mr. Varney or Yale would really have a damage reputation.

      Just to complex to fully explain to us? Like the example our framers set in explaining our Constitution so we would change our minds based on information and adopted?

      The real shame is one clown at Barrons damaging the work of a very good team. I will have to read what they claim. As they have proven before they are playing with their assumptions off the deep end.

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      • Well I read the foolish and clownishly deceptive letter from Hedgeye.

        This time the Hedgeye circus clown car is mixing asset acquisition investment with organic growth investment and making it seem it is all sustaining capital.

        I hope 'retail' investors take due insult to their intelligence and any who have a less than worthless Hedgeye subscription cancel it. This is real bottom feeder slime waste.

        Markets are usually and generally very efficient. These Hedgeye clowns have not discovered any new secrets or have any super powers.

        Interesting it is always the OLB troopers who claim insult when their personal delusions and out right purposeful deceptions are called out.

    • My Grandpa used to say, " it's not what you make but it's what you keep that counts", also," a fool and his money soon part", also," figures lie and liar's figure". Then there's " beware of the self proclaimed experts and preachers that want you to know that they are." Barron's, as good as they are, sometimes find an acorn just like the blind hog did. Their acorn is Hedgeye. Who are these self proclaimed wonders on wall street and where did they come from. They claim they are experts and they seem to know how to figure, has anyone ever heard of them before at least enough to stand out above the hundreds of other Wall Street Analysis? I don't think so. My Grandfather was a wealthy man mainly due to his country style wisdom, and I think he would advise me to tread lightly around hedgeye and their associates. I think he would also advise Barron's to do the same before they publish another story that does't match the opinion of experts who have at least some credibility with the community.

    • Why are you posting this slam against Linn? You most be a short seller yourself or an employee of Hedgeye? You should know that only positive news is supposed to be posted on this board, not slanderous stuff like that!

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