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  • nrarc1 nrarc1 Jul 6, 2013 1:28 PM Flag

    Who gives a rats #$%$ what they think. Its one guys thoughts. Big deal.

    Who says they are right? OH, I get it, if barron says its worth 17 then it must be.

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    • like Ackman said Herbalife was going to the zero. He called it a pyramid scheme. Pounded the table, publicly stated his fund was short 1b worth of stock. Held conferences showing 350 slides of why they were a pyramid scheme. The stock ran from the mid 40's (origionally from 70's) to 24 and bounced right back up to the highs 40's where it is today 6 months later. Shorties are getting more and more outspoken with media intervention ala Barrons to push their agenda and for a while it works because ppl will pull the sell trigger first and ask questions later. This will just be a pimple on the charts, the stock will come back to the 30's and the BRY deal will be done...............

    • barrons has been bad news for decades. They are likely wrong more than they are right. Don't know what their percentage is but they used to get more publicity than they do now. Shorts are hurting stocks like this due to no uptick rule. WE still have hope if Coooperman stays with us but if he exits, LINE will have lost the battle and the war to shorts. I think their first big mistake was the LNCO deal as LINE has seemed weak ever since. They should have stuck to what they did and not get cute

    • So far...they have been.

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