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  • cavanyc Jul 8, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

    BAC analyst who upgraded has blatant conflict of interest

    BAC owns shares of LINE duh. I guess todays upgrade was nothing more than BAC pumping their own book. They probably sold into the pop. Let me change that from probably to certainly.

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    • Another Dumb #$%$

    • u r a dolt that is certain

    • Stop and think that BAC lowered the price target on LINE but officially nothing changed with LINE, other than their stock price got hammered. Makes you wonder how valid all these price targets are that analysts love to pump out. They're just guessing at what someone might be willing to pay. When LINE gets back to BAC price target I'll bet that BAC will raise their target back to where it was. They're all a bunch of nimrods. Do your own due diligence. !

    • I'm guessing that 90%+ of the people posting on this board are either long or short LINE. Does that mean that nobody should post, because it is a conflict of interest? Should Hedgeye not be allowed to talk because they have an interest the outcome, as well? If BAC holds shares (and I don't know that they do, nor have I seen where you provide that information), presumably they see value. It would be contradictory to hold shares in LINE and then issue statements that it is a bad investment.

      • 1 Reply to seattle.stew
      • Ah the interesting part about 'freedom of expression' which goes to the completely failed European Progressive material nihilism verses American Freedom of Speech which depends on honestly, objectivity and therefore rationality in the decision process.

        Did Hedgeye offer an honest, objective and therefore rational 'opinion'? Clearly all they offered was a cartoon circus to scare and exploit individual income investors.

        If their claims are materially true about a significant amount of puts bought above strip were true is it significant to the ability to pay future distributions? Answer is no. This the Hedgeye traveling circus; with the Barron's side show, was 'honest' about in a completely deceptive angle.

        Now does a poster have the God Given Right to be a monkey person and play with the Freedom of Speech as a monkey does? Yes they can be primitive like the OLB troopers and misuse the Gift of the tool as the club of freedom of expression.

        Ah but Freedom of Speech does not require we respect them for it. In fact the Gift of Freedom of Speech requires we confront the irrational. Otherwise the irrational banging will stop the discussion of mature responsible Americans in reaching honest, objective and productive rational discussion.

        Only the Progressive Obama supporting OLB has resorted to 'reporting abuse' to use the system to eliminate American's Freedom of Speech. They do not like it when their dishonest and therefore irrational babbling is challenged.

        Ah but those Americans who honor God's Gift of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for ourselves and our Posterity (capitalization for our Constitution) must confront snarks. Also realizing they can never be eliminated as they have no form or substance.

        Like a Yale degree earned by a order lower than full human. Monkey people can be clever but that does not make them worth a thing. Good thing Ben is around to balance this mess out.

    • You are the biggest dunce on this board.

      Better get a bigger diaper little man

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