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  • fp718591 fp718591 Jul 8, 2013 9:33 PM Flag

    Barron downgrades all REITS so they just hit another sector

    I guess downgrading MLP`s like Line backfired so now they downgrade ALL Reits, some of those REITS pay huge dividends like AGNC, I hope I get that one for 15 a share, those REITs shareholders are not going to be happy, I bet it only take Cramer the clown 2 more days before he says sell all REITS and crash their shares.

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    • They are a little late. As an Mreit holder I was smart enough to dump two thirds of my holdings about 6 weeks ago. They had already taken a pounding. Maybe I was stupid to buy back in to a couple of stocks a couple of days ago. It is important to know the difference between stocks like AGNC and NLY. they are pretty much stuck with the 30 year variety of government backed mortgages. Other stocks like CMO and HTS are invested primarily in adjustable rate mortgages. The adjustable rate version won't get hurt as bad because their mortgages portfolios adjust to increasing rates although they lag behind rising rates. AGNC and NLY on the other hand are pretty much stuck with long term stuff they will take a beating on depending on their hedging strategy. Anyway, this is just another reason to write off Barrons as a source of good financial info. Actually, at this point NLY and AGNC are selling so far below their March book value, it might be a good time to stick your toe in the reit water. I would suggest that you might want to startr with the less risky variety of reits like HTS and CMO and there are several others of the same ilk.

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