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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jul 18, 2013 1:01 PM Flag

    Mr. Crammer does not chose to behave like Tweetie at HedgieCrossedEyes.

    Mr. Crammer steps up and admits mistakes and even bad calls which are not the same thing. The future is never certain for human beings and so logically, just probabilities for us mortals. Sound rational mature government policy can improve odds or probability of positive outcome but not determine it.

    Mr. Crammer in traditional American style will step up and faces it, address it or if called for admits a mistake.

    Now I am not going to pay for the Tweets from on high from the king of a private Yale hill. But if McTweetie has not said something to evaluate while LINE is 40% higher than it's sense of smell, then logical people have heard all which is required.

    Again I believe Mr. Ellis and the team have solved the pressure and production problems. That they have prioritized and rationalized capital investment towards high singles and not home runs like Hogshooter. That is the nature of this time and activity.

    I do not know this before the call. But logically given a very successful record, it is the more logical probability.

    Mr. Crammer is not trying to create a mystery cult of investments for himself. Coach, educated and entertain.

    Ah but McTweeit Hedgie is all mystery cult. Double secret associates with mental powers and understanding beyond legions with analysts with long records of excellent records.

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