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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jul 23, 2013 11:16 AM Flag

    MarketWatch: The danger of too much ethanol

    Josiah Neeley, July 17

    Raising the ethanol content of gasoline beyond 10%, however, can have some nasty consequences for people’s pocketbooks and even their safety. Use of E-15 could decrease fuel efficiency by as much as 30%.

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    • yes and another gulf blow up that can burn the natural gas in perhaps a month. Something is wrong with the whole sector if they are having major problems, and they cant clean up their act . What the hell is wrong with these companies. Opportunity to produce oil and gas in our own back yard and they are dropping the ball.

    • Edmunds on E15:

      With its 15 percent ethanol content, E15 fuel would not reduce mpg enough to erase the benefit of ethanol's cheaper price.

      We Do the Math
      It might actually be more of a wash than a win. Given the disparity in energy density, E15 would deliver about 5 percent less fuel economy than gasoline, versus a 3.5 percent decline compared to everyday E10 fuel. Efficiency for a specific vehicle would depend on terrain, temperature, vehicle type and load, the way the engine is tuned and the manner in which the vehicle is driven.

      On the cost side of the equation, if an E10 blend of fuel were selling at $4 a gallon, an E15 blend would be about $3.95. This would represent a savings of just 1.3 percent. Over 10,000 miles, the driver whose car gets 27 mpg using $4-a-gallon E10 would buy 370 gallons of fuel, at a cost of $1,480. Switching to an E15 blend would increase fuel consumption to about 375.5 gallons, at a cost of $1,483.23.

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      • chris.trendle Jul 23, 2013 3:14 PM Flag

        You forgot the "other" parts of the article... like the next paragraph as to who the only winner is of this is...

        In such a case, the real winner would be the ethanol industry, which would benefit from a 50 percent increase in demand if E15 became ubiquitous.

        The real winner is not the environment, not the consumer, not anyone EXCEPT the ethanol industry... Which without the government mandates would not even be an industry. For someone who supports the free markets by buying/selling/trading stocks, you sure enjoy undermining it.

        Oh, and this slightly KEY state could gum things up for a while...

        In some states — California prime among them — tight fuel standards aimed at reducing emissions including pollution from evaporation emissions will prohibit E15 altogether. At least for now.

        Man, you really aren't worth reading. You will purposefully go out of your way to leave out key facts to make your point. I see a future in liberal politics for you.

    • Who is Josiah Neeley and why should I care what he says? Your nephew?

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