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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jul 31, 2013 1:37 AM Flag

    Final for the night the secret book of Progressive philisophy


    Fifteen volume set by Porphyry on Against the Christians.

    Having read fragments I am not so use it is learned ammunition for the great Diocletian persecution. But it did work depending on your morality..

    Some pagan really got into trying to use logos to justify eliminating all Christians pretty much everywhere.

    Then Rome could get back to their progressive pagan beliefs of being superior, especially mentally superior, and return to the business ruling lesser people.

    Boy Progressives with some proven pagan theology like that. Imagine what they would do with it!

    Think how fun it would be for the entire OLB to go on something like a reverse Raiders of the Ark adventure. Oh wait the Socialists were in the story. Well it would certainly be better than alien skulls.

    You'll have fun. Running around Islamic countries as they break through to democracy based on majority says so. Just the place for the olb. They will love all of you there. really.

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    • "to the Greeks foolishness...."

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      • Interesting that it was in the areas heavily influenced by Greek culture of the Roman Empire, where Christianity took firm root.

        Certainly the new mystery cults were more comfortably close to paganism like Mithraic Mysteries. We all see how our modern secular pagans feel about people supporting a church and getting a tax deduction form the secular 'temple'. The Manichean and 'mystery' splinters like Gnosticism offered a more comforting ideal for a poverty movement. Secret knowledge as a source of power or gateway. We see how appealing all this mystery cult stuff is in Dan Brown's fiction fact surfacing.

        The critical difference is logos. As Augustine's Evodius states "We want to know and understand what we believe". Which of course seems odd for a God Who surpasses human understanding. Yet we find in the Old and New Books calls to gain Wisdom and understanding.

        As Americans we have the benefit of the history and good fruit of our history based on Guided reason. Guided Reason bursting forth as the intellectual center of every key document. As a service to all people by being the guardians of Human Liberty here.

        There is something in addition to the Great Commission. The fruit of God's Human Liberty unleashing talents within a clearly imperfect meritocracy. Yet this experiment of allowing an economy to serve the people first by their rational choices has clearly left every other system mix or not in our dust.

        The OLB insists of chaotic irrational posting of no purpose. Posters really do believe they are equipped by political talking points to address more or the most necessary fundamental questions about the nature of humanity. When their secret awareness 'knowledge' is proven inadequate they get angry and have tantrums of long duration of vengeance.
        Why indeed does prideful, wanton ignorance with no desire to learn or wonder demand to be respect as rational or civilized as 'opinion'. Yet in market emotions = loses.

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