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  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 15, 2013 6:55 PM Flag

    The Ethanol Mandate: Don’t Mend It, End It Nicolas D. Loris

    Praised as a policy that would reduce dependence on oil and reduce
    greenhouse gas emissions, the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which
    requires refineries to blend ethanol into gasoline, has been fraught
    with unintended consequences. The RFS mandates the use of an inefficient fuel, drives up food prices, and causes adverse environmental
    effects. The 2012 drought and problems meeting the quotas in the RFS
    have put the program under the political microscope. The Heritage
    Foundation’s Nicolas Loris explains how the only true reform to the
    Renewable Fuel Standard is to eliminate it, and why Congress should
    repeal the costly and unnecessary mandate.
    ouse energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred upton
    (R–MI) and ranking member Henry Waxman (D–CA) r

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    • That's it? Nicolas Loris of the The Heritage Foundation is your champion? He has a master degree in economics from Georgetown University, hardly a scholar or expert in energy let alone alternative energy. If you read the article beyond the abstract you find it isn't very well written, and if you follow his references, you find many of them do not support many of his points in the article. The article itself appears to be politically motivated as one might expect from The Heritage Foundation which describes itself as a conservative think tank, and is far from unbiased and objective. On the other hand, I now better understand where some of your misconceptions come from.

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      • Actually the 30% efficiency penalty in addition to the 40% less energy content per gallon was MIT.

        Americans are getting 7% less mpg than they should at just 10% ethanol corruption. MIT Study Debunks RFA/Vilsack Claims on Ethanol, Gas Prices

        The folks from MIT righteously made fun of the RFA/Academics. You do not see that much in academic circles.

        Simply because if you have any rational point in your argument, it is bad manners.

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