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  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 22, 2013 5:32 PM Flag

    EOR Solar

    Like a good deal of solar technology is economically viable.

    Passive heating of water is far more efficient that photocells.

    Places like the middle east deserts where electrical infrastructure is difficult to maintain due to sand storms a great example.

    California is in delusion that wasting water on 'natural' flows encourages salmon spawning. Flushing vast amounts of water down what are primarily dredged ditches.

    There are also the sky high electrical rates. Hidden in consumer bills without disclosure of the true cost.

    So this is logical given the delusions and corruption of the ruling Progressive class and their artificially extreme water and energy costs. But putting this in is really only for political points with the ruling delusional Progressive elite. Cannot run on your own super clean natural gas regardless of how economically irrational the price is.

    Finally in America because EOR is in mature fields, the infrastructure is excellent.

    But at some point super clean American natural gas will sell in btu relationship to oil as it does around the world. Well unless we elected more progressives with their insane secular pagan religion of political science. Yea another Dark Age of irrationality.

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    • You mean like a progressive like GWB? That spent and spent and spent. And what did we get. What did we get out of his irrationality along with Barney Frank? That's right you got it bad loans and ethanol. 2 wars with NO tax revenues for funding. You make me sick and post complete crap.

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