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  • braf.allan braf.allan Aug 28, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    does anyone know what we will do

    in regards to Syria there is a lot of confusion i cant make heads or tails of it can anyone here

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    • Although I do not condone the use of chemical weapons I am concerned about picking sides in the Syrian civil war. Who is to say that rebel faction is just and may have even gassed their own people to get the USA to shift the balance in there favor. The rebel faction may prove to be worse than the current rulers if they gain power.

    • in the 1st gulf war, when asked why "we" didn't go all the way into Baghdad "and finish the job", Colin Powell said that we shouldn't try to mess w 3ooo yrs of mesopotamian history

      yesterday Sarah Palin said, "let me get this straight: we want to bomb Syria because Syria is bombing Syria ( ? ? ? ) . . & they say I'm not too bright ? . . . . let's just let allah sort it out "

      I say that if we have the ability and the will to protect innocent life we should all volunteer to do exactly that . . . .but this "region"/culture is like a bunch of rabid pitbulls on acid, hatred and savagry on all sides in the name of their prophet. protecting innocense seems impossible.
      For once Sarah Pain might be right

    • The outrage from the use of chemical weapons may warrant a response form the US and it allies. If there is no response then this might encourage further atrocities from various Middle East entities. A token response may result in the same posture as no response. A broader and deeper conflict may result in bringing other Middle East entities into the conflict and perhaps retaliation by targeting Israel. There doesn't seem to be any win decision for the US.

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      • Syria and Hezbollah do the bidding of Iran. Iran declared war on the U.S. several decades ago but no one here seems to acknowledge this! These are basically Shi'ite factions with whom various Sunni groupings have open grievances (including various Al Qaeda sects). Why are we getting involved in a medieval religious schism? Maybe at some point we may need to support moderates who desire peaceful change but these groups have yet to emerge....only the hotheads on both sides. My concern is our blatant disregard for the obvious Iranian objectives toward subverting US interests over a prolonged period of time. We are arrogant and terrible listeners! This may come back to haunt us one day. Our State Department policies are far too civilized to survive long on the central Asian steppes. One more thing, Hezbollah is very capable of seeking retribution inside the US, much more so than was UBL. Someone should review the State Department's democratization section policy of allowing so-called "suppressed minorities" such as Chechnyan and Uzbek rebels into the US but perhaps that is already being addressed?

      • Can anyone answer why the deaths of 1,200 or so civilians in a gas attack elicits such outrage from our government, but the previous deaths of well over 10,000 civilians through traditional means resulted in almost total silence? Or why the deaths of 4 brave Americans in Benghazi has been reduced to a "Phony Scandal"? Anyone???

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    • This is an off-topic for this board. I did read the following, which offers a non-USA perspective

      Historians know that feuds and wars have existed in the Middle East for a thousand years longer than the United States of America has existed. One school of thought is that western nations simply don't recognize this, nor do they succeed in resolving these longstanding differences. Saudi Arabia suggests the west leave Syria alone, and other middle eastern neighbors as well. The leaders of the Middle East do understand their region and it's history. Perhaps they should be the ones to resolve it. The USA's middle east oil interest has always been recoognized in the east as a lame excuse

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      • I have to smile.

        The very assumption that there is a non-USA or USA perspective is to assume honest, objective exploration can not reach towards rationality and truth.

        The only logical way to sustain this bit of delusion is to put emotions on level with reason. Logically if emotions are equal to reason then discussion is pointless. Just go back to the dark ages.

        .America has all the domestic natural gas in shale and hydrates we need for at least a thousand years. If we stopped allowing the Progressive pagans to make their primitive religious offerings; like solar panels and corn ethanol, with state money as THE STATE RELIGION.

        We should be standing back and recommending government instituted by people to secure God's Grant of Individual Liberty. If we are all very fortunate additional National Socialist or other collectivist terrorist states will not rise. If they do then it is Marines in and out without any pretense of helping them build their Democratic Republic. They are too primitive for that, just like American Progressives.

        Marines sign up to protect us and secure our Individual Liberty as Americans. No where are they responsible for babysitting the crazy Progressive collectivists around the world.

    • Not sure what you're looking for. But from the U.S. standpoint, probably the best of the current options (Assad wins, the rebels win, or they just keep fighting) is probably status quo. If either side wins conclusively, the result almost certainly will be a hostile government that will then be able to turn its time and resources to matters other than kicking the other guy's shins. Converting that admittedly pretty cynical approach to policy would suggest a limited strike against Assad's assets to set him back on his heels a little, and that looks like what's going to happen. Continued fighting obviously is not good for the Syrian people as a whole, but whoever might win will probably slaughter a bunch of people perceived to be lingering threats, mostly by virtue of being of the wrong religious background. In short, it's an ugly situation that we can't do much about and that will remain ugly for the foreseeable future, pretty much no matter what.

    • We should blow the #$%$ out of them if we are going in. WE will #$%$ Russia ,Iran and N. Korea off . Might as well blow them to kingdom come and don't #$%$ foot around like we did in the 2nd Iraq war.. Since they won't police themselves. I really really dislike that whole region for the lack of no one standing up to Ahsad besides the west.

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