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  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 3, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

    Christians in Syria - Alawis include the Assassins of history

    Among the Syrian Americans in Southern California, many Christians are against a U.S. attack against Syria. They fear American military action could lead to a victory by Islamist rebels, and they believe that could spell doom for the country’s Christians.

    At Sunday Mass at St. Ephraim Cathedral in Burbank, families packed the pews as usual. But on this Sunday, the congregants in this Syrian Orthodox Christian church — mostly immigrants with roots in Syria — are palpably worried.

    Karen has family in the Syrian city of Homs. She doesn’t want her last name used for their protection. She says she has “mixed emotions” about possible U.S. intervention.

    "As bad as everybody is saying [President Bashar] Assad is, we feel like he’s protecting the Christians," she says. "Our relatives in Syria are worried that if he goes, they don’t know what will happen to them.”

    Karen says even with Assad’s protection, Christians are under assault. She says priests have been killed, and two Orthodox bishops who were kidnapped months ago are still missing.

    Father Abdulahad Shara presided over Sunday's mass. He’s afraid that Christians in Syria will be pushed out, as they have been in places like Iraq. Already their numbers have shrunk, he says -- there were about a million Christians in Syria before the start of the war, but many have fled.

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    • Congressman Issa does not support an attack on his homeland,
      does he????

    • It looks like Generalismo Obama is going to Syria to fight the Christians in order to nurture radical Islam.

    • Thanks Norris - I agree this is another great example of why secular progressive societies will eventually overcome theocracies - this sporadic need to purge your country of the out of power sects is very debilitating to the progression of a society. Can you believe that in 2013 people can be still be duped into killing eachother over which invisible man in the sky they chose to worship?

      • 1 Reply to johns.patrick
      • Nope. For all the blood of innocents in the Middle East it is nothing compared to collectivism. National socialist, Marxists, French 'Revolution'. Progresses here in America; like President W. Wilson, gave us eugenics, free abortions for inferior reckless breeders - primarily human beings of pigment -and re-segregation of our military and civil service. NO accident Progressives screened Birth of a Nation at the White House which brought the KKK back as a powerful political force.

        That was the end of the Christian involvement in the Social Gospel movement which sought to improve living conditions for the poor in our cities. To insure food was wholesome and human beings did not go hungry. Child labor laws and stronger public education. My grandfather was in the American Christian based Union movement and so like most Americans had nothing to do with godless communist collectivists.

        Now we can debate if Majestic Civil Rights was a continuation of the Social Gospel movement Wilson's lies and actions dissembled or a New American Awakening. But Revered Martin Luther King lead based on Soul Power of Christian Reformation truth - Found in our Declaration and Constitution.

        So you again proven nothing except your wanton ignorance. In public.

        History proves wanton slaughter and discrimination on an industrial scale without conscious require secular collectivism. Hitler's very effective propaganda minster learn his tricks from American Progressives / Fabian Socialist like W. Wilson. Our shame if we are Americans of conscious and rationality.

    • If we go through the Sunni history of treatment of minorities under the Ottomans and the recent Muslim Brotherhood National Socialist Ba'ath Party oppression it is easy to understand why the Alawis minority is fighting so hard. If the Progressive/collectivist Islamists will burn people of the Book like Christians it is simple to understand what they have in store for the Alawis or Druze. Fatwas have been issued by collectivist Imams naming them pagans. The collectivist understanding of Sunni Islam puts pagans pretty much in the convert or eliminate category.

      Mix in some Shiah end of the world 12vers.

      Dr. Jasser is absolutely correct we should be supporting groups which have a theological/logical belief in Individual Liberty. Tough to do when our President is a Progressive collectivist who does not believe in Liberty. Therefore claims to lead by completely trashing our tradition of rule of law rather than men. The real problem in the Middle East.

      Obama has created a real mess with his childish passive aggressive grandstanding to get elected. His Progressive 'science' of corn ethanol has caused blood soaked revolutions which have nothing to do with democracy and certainly not Individual Liberty. With all of Obama's serious and real abuse of power and obfuscation scandals he has not standing in the world or American to lead a purposeful military action.

      It is important to note that the only force which protects Christians at all in Egypt has been Muslims using moral persuasion on the Muslim Brotherhood. The people we should be working rather than the collectivists.

      It is a question of Metaphysics philosophy and the proven reality that nothing good ever comes from collectivism. Bad fruit. .

    • So what else is new. During a civil war or an in waring nation. People that have moved from that waring country always have relatives left. I believe not only Christians have fled but many others as well. With Boehner backing Obama you will see more exiting. So again singling out one religious group as you always do makes no sense. All groups are exiting.

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