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  • rrb1981 rrb1981 Sep 7, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

    Norris's Frijole Justice

    Hey Norris,

    You should get your ignorant machete wielding clowns down in south Mexico (you know, the ones that were illegally locking up citizens and putting them before phony baloney kangaroo courts without legal counsel). You ought to convince those d-bags to grow corn. Just think how much they could improve their economic status if they grew corn for ethanol rather than beans.

    I think you would make a very excellent good will ambassador to those heathens.

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    • RRB no one is surprised a racist supremacists digs further into the darkness rather than seeks the reason of Justice. To repent evil and begin anew not perfect but rather worthy of the challenge of the imperfect to strive for full humanity in light.logic and positive purpose. .

      These are human beings usually denied economic opportunity, rule of Just law and education. The new layer is raping drug pushers who through violence and corruption would further reduce them from peonage. Peonage with some semblance of rights above animals to Middle Age serfdom. Serfdom of owning nothing but your stomach. Disposable chattel to be consumed at simple will of the elite.

      It is also very unlikely they are pagans. Pagan which is something very different than heathens. It is not unusual in the mountains to have mixed communities/families of Catholics and indigenous pagans. Of course the very term community/family and heathen hostility, with in a mix of faiths is impossible. Further the indigenous pagan religions have undergone massive change under the influence of Christianity.

      The black militias which secured God Given Liberty in the boarder states of the Confederacy during Reconstruction were very effective. However state laws disarmed them and made them prey for racist supremacist like you. Whether this was acceptable or not has to do with the foundation of law.

      The basic question here is what is the logical basis of law. Who is your god. Clearly the world has no shortage of petty wretched and puny self as god demanding 'proper' respect. Old as human time.

      You'll get no respect your character does not merit from me you misanthropic heathen.

      I am always stunned at how poor your awareness and education. But then your defective character is the cause in an America which still has limited Liberty. Thank God just public comment on your sick emotional condition and god complex is not (yet) outlawed to protect your delicate emotions.

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