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  • thegreatone561 thegreatone561 Sep 9, 2013 1:21 PM Flag


    how many new ethane processing plants are due to go onstream in 2014 ? do you know

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    • ethane processing plants?
      Are you referring to what the industry calls "steam cracking plants"?
      If so then the question has to be phrased about increasing capacity and utilization rates of steam cracking units.

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      • OLB Silliness continues
        Global ethylene production was 107 million tonnes in 2005,[4] 109 million tonnes in 2006.[14] NNFCC Renewable Chemicals Factsheet: Ethanol, 138 million tonnes in 2010 and 141 million tonnes in 2011.[15] By 2010 ethylene was produced by at least 117 companies in 55 countries.[16] To meet the ever increasing demand for ethylene, sharp increases in production facilities are added globally, particularly in the Mideast and in China.[16]
        Ethylene is produced in the petrochemical industry by steam cracking. In this process, gaseous or light liquid hydrocarbons are heated to 750–950 °C, inducing numerous free radical reactions followed by immediate quench to stop these reactions. This process converts large hydrocarbons into smaller ones and introduces unsaturation. Ethylene is separated from the resulting complex mixture by repeated compression and distillation. In a related process used in oil refineries, high molecular weight hydrocarbons are cracked over zeolite catalysts. Heavier feedstocks, such as naphtha and gas oils require at least two "quench towers" downstream of the cracking furnaces to recirculate pyrolysis-derived gasoline and process water. When cracking a mixture of ethane and propane, only one water quench tower is required.[10]
        The areas of an ethylene plant are:
        steam cracking furnaces:
        primary and secondary heat recovery with quench;
        a dilution steam recycle system between the furnaces and the quench system;
        primary compression of the cracked gas (3 stages of compression);
        hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide removal (acid gas removal);
        secondary compression (1 or 2 stages);
        drying of the cracked gas;
        cryogenic treatment;
        all of the cold cracked gas stream goes to the demethanizer tower. The overhead stream from the demethanizer tower consists of all the hydrogen and methane that was in the cracked gas stream. Cryogenically (−250 °F (−157 °C)) treating this overhead stream separates hydrogen from methane. Methane

    • braf - When you say ethane processing plants, should we assume you mean ethylene crackers?

    • Go to SA and read the newest article by Elliott Gue. He lists them there.

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