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  • johns.patrick johns.patrick Sep 24, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

    SA, Motley, Cramer, Barrons etc - who cares

    folks, come on, if you trust any of these folks more than management then sell, if you think mgt has earned some respect based on the 7+ years of running this biz publicly with the evidence being no dist cuts (not even in 08-09) then I'd say pay attention to what they said but make your decision based on what Mgt says. What do they say, the dist is good for this year and they were silent on 2014. Clearly the silent on 14 is disturbing but since they have indicated with BRY it goes up it is safe to assume if the deal happens we certainly won't see a cut and since they set the record date I would argue it is clear they are again confident the deal will happen. I'll bet with mgt over the other guys that are looking to make news and sell stories on a daily basis

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    • the most obvious reason to not take any of these guys too seriously is that the SA "reporter" has half the people on this board thinking there is a vote at the end of the month - how much more obvious can it be that the SA "reporter" does absolutely no research for his little blog

    • I agree with your thoughts. Just to add a little more to the discussion, the SEC would not allow the merger to proceed to a vote if there were substantial accounting problems with Linn. The SEC's job is to prevent the kind of abuse that the detractors are trying to present as facts. The SAers, Hawkeye, Barrons and Cramer have never presented proof of any wrongdoing. Clearly, management has not been "lying to us for years" as one SA blurb stated. I think the BRY merger will go through because it is the best for all the owners(us) of our respective organizations. Everybody else can go pound sand.

    • well said but I'm not worried about the 2014 silence...who can predict the future and I'm sure there are a pile of legal reasons for not predicting the future distributions. Personally, I think they will be higher.

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