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  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 25, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

    No One went to the cave in the middle of the mound and at the center found the Titan Jon Stewart

    Jon was gracious to the other fake news show hosts for winning the piece for collectivist creative writing. If only Pierce Morgan could accept his loss due to third rate qualities.
    Anyways, Poor Jon had Daffy Dawkin on again. The same old primitive self absorption of refusing to read and acknowledge the thoughts of philosophs dim and bright way out ahead of him.
    Instead Daffy has faith that life spontaneous arose. Even though he admits man is no closer to ‘creating’ life than at the beginning of secular time. That science will never be able to prove it. Yet Daffy rambles on about mathematical probabilities for which there is no basis. Clearly Daffy d needs some work on the concept of zero or null. Probability based on zero or null sample?!
    Ah but wait the anti-science musings of Daffy d were not complete. If life spontaneous arose it should be all over the universe. Just ignore the concept of null as the data set via a leap of faith!
    Equipped with the progressive science of a certified academic priest speculating on the ‘probability’ of life spontaneously rising around the universe, we conservatively or minimally arrive at 20 billion planets with life. But then there is the problem that if this were true sentient radio waves would be endlessly travelling space and given the time involved, SETI by overwhelming probability should have discovered a source. Speculation adjustment? Soon as a sentient race discovers radio, they blow themselves up. But I must say a Progressive collectivist secular pagan could get this all in a more entraining form watching Lexx reruns.
    What makes Daffy a dangerous delusive is armed with Lexx level metaphysics of the human condition, it launches into rewriting social mores based on the progressive science above! Just pretending the social experiments in national and world collectivism did not occur! That the logical extension of this ignorant and childish posing? It is Neitchze awaiting the rise of the superman to lead the lesser. Of course eugenics is only rational method to leverage the man made god forward. Like any ‘true’ fundamentalist religion, as defined by Progressive collectivists.
    Never mind the millions of ordinary Americans called far from home with a willingness to do their duty to end the collectivist delusion of supermen. Even if chance gave them the hard task. A Humility of self sacrifice to secure God’s Liberty for all Americans and most especially our Posterity.
    A Wondering person would contemplate how the American Experience would change the calculations of Machiavelli and his ancient pagan based virtuu. The American Reformation delivered to humanity a revolution to secure God grant of Individual Liberty as the basis of Just civilization. A Constitution designed in the full humility of Americans imperfect condition. Guided Reason.
    No One has to give Jon props for an interview which was sharp, quick and clever. Something Pieced Morgan has never done nor in stunted condition can do. But it would be delusional to assume Jon’s trogs understood his sparkling points.
    The phantom of one philippic snollygoster feeds the god delusion so libertinism ‘is’ sophisticated ‘philosophy’. Epicurus is about eating right? Poor William.

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