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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Sep 27, 2013 6:38 PM Flag

    Cramer Charitable Trust

    "we have 500 shares, it's locked, wish we didn't own it, too low to sell it."

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    • Cramer hates stocks with bad headlines. He sold BP about $30 a share because he didn't have the ability to assess or the courage to hold. Read his book "Confessions......" He panicked multiple times when he owned his hedge fund and only avoided certain catastrophe because of his wife's cool head and ability to make decisions under pressure--and later because his partner was able to "see the forest."

      Cramer has an amazing amount of information on a huge number of stocks, but his judgment isn't that good. That's why he uses Stovall's method of "There Is Always a Bull Market Somewhere." (That is Stovall of S&P--read his book and you will recognize Cramer in Stovall's final investing technique.)

      Stovall said that technique is ideal is for people who can't discern the market trend (up or down,) so they buy what has been going up on a dip and sell as soon as it tops. Hedge funds must love Cramer because he moves their stocks at their highs and the fools who follow Cramer often push a stock to its zenith, where the hedge funds begin their selling.

    • If he did say that and he is down to just 500 shares he sold some. He started @ 2k then sold down to 1k and is now down to 500. He is slowly relinquishing his share count. But of course Norris defends MR. Cramer for he follows and buys what he suggests.

    • Wow. Did he really say that because it is does not represent at all what he is telling his Action Alerts subscribers. What he is telling them is that he is being disciplined in not owning a company with SEC issues, but he believes their assets are worth $40 per share (so they are cheap) and he believes the recent S-4 filing suggests the BRY deal will get done.

    • The same OLB which rags on Crammer day and night suddenly posting his comments.

      The never ending drama.

      But exactly to low to sell. The trust did jump out when the inform investigation was launched.

      Which is to say inclusive of the SEC investigation the expected rate of return is to high to sell.

      I would add we have seen lots of s4 now and not one has had any material changes. So if we are speaking to reasoning investors odds are those who trusted management are most likely to be correct.

    • Sure, he wishes he didn't have a loss position. But don't you think he would sell if he thought the down side risk was greater than the upside potential from here? Yeah, he doesn't want to be in it, but he is and he has decided to hold from here.

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      • Down from 2k shares too 500 I would say that is bailing out. He may be selling the rest this week. He has already taken a loss. He got caught in his own hype when Ellis came on his show and he first bought his 2k before Ellis's appearance. Figuring the SEC investigation wouldn't last this wrong and that he cramer said everything was fine. Now his tune has changed like so many others.

      • mt_lassen, Cramer would DEFINITELY sell if he thought there was further downside risk. All you have to do is look at a chart to see that LINE has bottomed and there is very little downside from here. Stephanie Link knows enough to not want to take that loss. Cramer is talking out of both sides of his mouth, as usual. He doesn't want to be associated with a stock that has fallen; but he also knows LINE will recover soon. It is obvious enough even for Cramer.

        Cramer knows a lot less than he pretends. I noticed he told a caller not to buy ROYT--which is a royalty trust--and suggested EOG instead. EOG is a completely different kind of company. Why didn't Cramer suggest another dividend stock? What do you want to bet he didn't know ROYT was a royalty trust? Remember how ignorant he was regarding Annaly?

        Cramer used to advertise the Action Alerts for $400. Check out what you have to pay today. Must be embarrassing.

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