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  • norrishappy norrishappy Oct 2, 2013 7:07 PM Flag

    Enterprise to Build Second LPG Export Facility

    Enterprise Products Partners L.P. (EPD) today announced the construction of a new liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) export terminal on the Gulf Coast. The facility will have the capability of handling up to VLGC (very large gas carriers) class ships. The initial loading rate for export grade propane or butane service is expected to be approximately 11,000 barrels per hour, which would equate to approximately 6 million to 6.5 million barrels per month. Following the completion of the site evaluation at potential locations in Louisiana and Texas, this new LPG marine terminal is expected to be in service in the fourth quarter of 2015. Upon completion of the new terminal, and the recently announced expansion of the partnership’s existing terminal on the Houston Ship Channel, Enterprise will have aggregate capacity to load approximately 15 million to 16 million barrels per month of low-ethane propane and/or butane at its LPG marine terminals.

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    • And didn't I read recently that Shell was going to build a $12 billion gas conversion unit in Louisiana? I didn't check all the details of exactly what the plant was going to do but that's a huge investment and a recognition by some very big companies that there is a lot of money to made in the shale gas boom in the U.S. GLTA

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      • They wish too but are unwilling to commit to breaking ground.

        Obama political appointments have a record of acting with complete lawlessness and therefore irrationality. That happens with man based primitive religious zealotry.

        At least the Senate was functioning enough to reject Binz.

        Harry Reid is the Loser in FERC Fight
        When Ron Binz announced Tuesday he withdrew his name as President Obama's nominee to chair the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the biggest loser in Washington was not Obama or Binz.

        It was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who hand-picked Binz, a renewable-energy advocate, over Democratic Commissioner John Norris, who was Obama's initial choice but reportedly "too pro-coal" for Reid.

        This clown said American natural gas was a dead end. Not even the bridge fuel to his unicorns which pee magic energy future.

        As we see with what happened at the IRS. Obama has appointed deluded extremists all through our government.

        I would not make a $12 billion investment in America while Obama is still trying to pack the EPA and FERC with secular religion amoral deludes.

        Enemy of my enemy is my friend collectivism.

      • Hundreds of billions of dollars in new investments have been announced or are under construction related to the NG and oil industry despite the protestations of NorrisFraud.

    • I don't understand. I thought no companies were investing in the US to build facilities like this? That "Obamanomics" discouraged profit to be made...low NG prices are bad for the economy since they are the effect of Obama's policies....

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      • Yes rlp'd in the delusive world Obamanomics saved and changed the world.

        In the real America ethane is being destroyed because companies are afraid to make the no brainer free market investment. Obama did appoint irrational and dissembling Progressive-Collectivist fundamentalists to an EPA which is now completely corruption and irrational.

        Maybe Stag the Corn Monster can come back and tells us what America needs is ethane from corn.

    • permit was approved about a month ago-- thanks for post but old news

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